February 25, 2002    Leukemia - Part 1


Idyllic conversation throbbing, philandering
Words jumbled, thoughts ill-conceived
So ends a life too young to know
That leukemia is not a death of jumbled confusion
But of ignorant consideration
Like knowing that one and one always equals two

We ride the steel white doors of infamous delight.  We clamor for the sweet smelling pheasant under glass.  We as a people are bombarded by everyone’s truth except our own.  We talk daily and daintily through the vines of gobble green and slick thorns of cutting edge beauty.  A triumph of renown consideration just to walk quietly without touching the filth of doom that is pasted on every corner on every screen on practically everything we eat. 

So begins the first part of this week’s newsletter on leukemia.  It’s one of those yucky words that screams insults into our veins and scares away the blood.  It reeks of frightened desperation that no one wishes to be touched by its name.  It is on that basis that I chose leukemia for this week.  Quite honestly, it scares me not because of what it is but because of what I don’t know.

It’s Wednesday night, my first day of research.  I frantically search my dazzling array of books, journals, and anything medical that will help me understand what leukemia is and why it exists.  Leukemia, according to Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, is defined as “cancers of the tissues that produce blood cells.  Because leukemia results in abnormal blood cell formation, it is often referred to as blood cancer.”  Furthermore, The Cancer Answer states that leukemia “is characterized by the overproduction of white blood cells.”

I take these two statements of defining leukemia and visually raise them in symbiotic unison.  It is a task of simply allowing the forces of dynamic fabrication to raise itself into a perfect, harmonious relation.  As a student of natural hygiene, I think, I imagine, I begin to etch out the words that transform the word leukemia from the enemy to our friend.  Victoria Boutenko in 12 Steps to Raw Food clearly states, “The human body never makes mistakes.”  Never ever.  It’s that simple.  It’s that pure.  We as a people have to trust our body’s intelligence.  It’s perfection of the highest design.  Our bodies have a built in healing mechanism.

We see.  We walk.  We nod our heads.  These are miracles of life.  The chain reaction of cellular formation to create these actions are beyond imagination.  We reread the cause of leukemia, which is an overproduction of white blood cells.  Not being a doctor or even a medical person, but knowing our bodies never ever make a mistake and knowing that whatever action is taken by our body in defense is always for our highest good, I begin researching what causes a rise in our white blood cell count.  The book World Medicine was one of two books of the 40-50 books that I normally use as resources that even mentioned white blood cells in the index.  I thought that was a little strange, especially after reading these two sections.  White blood cells are a major part of our immune system.  They are specialized and trained.  There are millions and maybe even billions of them in our body all working for our common good.  The large white blood cells patrol the bloodstream and act as scavengers gobbling up anything that should not be there.  Why the increase?  As stated by T.C. Fry, “Our body continuously works to keep itself pure and as free as possible of toxic waste.  Hence the rise in white blood cell count.”

The Cancer Answer explains that “helper T. cells are white blood cells created in the bone marrow that mature in the thymus gland.”  These are the body generals, trained to not only defend the body by organizing the body’s many immune fighters, but also to destroy all invading pathogens.  According to Viktoras Kulvinskas in Survival into the 21st Century, “Leukemia is always associated with an extremely high amount of uric acid in the blood.”  This can only come from one source.  There is a dietary intake of concentrated protein.  Hence the body’s reason to produce an overabundance of white blood cells, which are necessary to fight the blood toxemia caused by the breakdown in protein metabolism.

What does that mean to those suffering from leukemia?  Is there an answer in prayer or an answer in simply doing?  These words flash by in choice, looking for a dedicated believer that diet is the way.  In T.C. Fry’s article “Never Be Sick Again” he states, “Diseases are really caused by a chain of pathology that results from chronic bad practice.”  Does leukemia constitute a disease?  Does an increase in white blood cell count result from bad dietary practices?  The while blood cell count is the body’s first line of defense. T.C. Fry reported that it doubles and triples because of absorption of the heat-deranged nutrients.  What does that mean to the average American whose feet are resting, body lying still, and eyes glued to the T.V. probably watching the Superbowl, with every snack imaginable within an arms reach.  Deli meats, chicken wings, and much, much more awaits them on the dining table while cold beer sits, waiting idly to be drunk.  It all has to be trashed.  What are the odds?  A study in the Lancet and Polish Medical Journal by Dr. Kalikowski indicated that when a low protein diet was used in conjunction with high alkaline solutions (i.e., fruits and vegetables) to cure leukemia, favorable effects were found in 10 out of 13 children.

So we read.  We are beginning to see a connection, but there is always another side.  Rather than take responsibility for one’s healing, it’s easier to take a pill.  It’s easier to go to the doctor.  It’s easier to raise money for hope, to raise money for a cure.  It’s easier and supposedly more fun to continue eating foods that are devoid of all nutrient enzymes.  If we study the Merck Manual 17th edition we find 11 pages devoted to leukemia.  The causes are rather vague.  “Although viruses caused several forms of leukemia in animals, their role in humans is uncertain.”  As I read the Merck Manual I get more confused.  I read the treatment for each form of leukemia.  “The ultimate goal of treatment is palliation not cure.”  These are the words that have to be read by all who suffer, by all who may be diagnosed, by all who are looking for answers.  I research the possibilities, not statistics, not medications, not differences between each type of leukemia, but for real answers for reversing a disease with apparently no known cause, no known cure, according to the medical world.

As a raw foodist who is on a quest for answers and possibilities, I continue my search.  Hallelujah Acres is also dedicated to lifestyle change, speaking the same language of dietary change not only to achieve superior health but also to reverse most diseases.  Their approach is simple and straightforward.  Remove the causes (i.e., animal products, sugar, table salt, white flour, caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol), replace them with the most optimum healing conditions by eating a raw food diet anywhere from 75-85%, and take the supplement of barley green, while exercising, getting sunshine, reducing stress, and letting love into your life.  This becomes the basis for reversing almost all diseases.  There is no mention of medication.  There is no mention of unknown causes or of no hope.  Just do it, and see the results, the answers, and the truth.  Jan and Jerry Dalton were diagnosed with leukemia in May of 1993.  The white blood cell count was 269,000.  They began taking the pill form of chemotherapy.  In April of 1994 they changed their diet to fully vegetarian.  A year and a half later they still saw leukemia in the bone marrow, but there was none in the blood.  They had been off medication since March of 1994.   

The success stories continue in Hallelujah Acres testimonials on leukemia.  Bill Moore was diagnosed with leukemia in 1995.  After changing to the Hallelujah Acres diet both his white and red blood cell counts were cut in half.  In addition, his heart rate went down to 65 beats per minute.  He also lost 13 lbs.  His acid reflux was gone, morning coughing was gone, and sleeping pills were no longer needed.  These are the words I’m reading.  These are the words that are flashing across my eyes like giant halos.  They are never to be tossed aside, and never to be forgotten.  We become like steel chestnuts, raising our fists to the miracles of healing that are created from within. 

Next we read about Carl Eisenhart, age 79, who had acute leukemia.  His only hope was no hope.  His doctor wanted him to have a blood transfusion in a few days.  Carl was facing his moment of truth.  He had the choice between more medication or raw foods on the Hallelujah Acres diet.  Carl decided to change his lifestyle and begin the Hallelujah Acres diet.  In 4 weeks Carl improved so much that he was able to build a small building.

 These are real people, real stories, and real winners of those who took their destiny into their own hands by changing their lifestyle and began to heal.

At this point it would appear that this article has ended, but it has not.  There is too much information on white blood cells that wasn’t mentioned.  In order to understand even an inkling of what beast lies within our breast the story of the never ending battle carried on by our white blood cells has to be shared.  However, in the interest of time, this first part of the newsletter will be sent out.  The second part of the newsletter will be sent out soon, so please stay tuned.   

We will end with the words of T.C. Fry that were repeated by Anna Inez and must be stated again here.  “Leukemia is one of the easiest children’s diseases to overcome.”  Read the next newsletter to find out even more information about this last statement.

Thank you for your time.


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