February 22, 2001    Prescription Drugs



Writing a newsletter is like becoming a weekly thing. You're lucky to be a raw foodist reading 80-90% of my daily diet plus an avid reader of anything that pertains to raw food and healing plus a daily reading of the local newspaper and the Inquirer plus at least one more newspaper or magazine. What I could write about is endless. Its beyond all comprehension. The logic that is applied in the name of health and preventive care. Is there a moral to the story. Is there a story? Are we a society of blind obedience, that never questions? Does a Higher authority mean higher intelligence? Are the answers we seek no longer a possibility? Does red become white, when the truth becomes obvious to all? We at Arnold's Way just share information.

Obvious misunderstanding which I have a hard time with: headlines local paper "as pill prices escalate budgetary help stalls." As a raw foodist, never-never-never would I ever consider taking a pill for any reason. But that's me: not the general public. I, being of sound mind and body, conceive a pill would not do me any good. It has no intelligence, no RNA, DNA, an inorganic substance that the body intelligence would have a hard time assimilating. That's my opinion. The average cost for a senior citizen? It's over 1100 dollars a year. What are the facts to support that? What about the 10,000 deaths a year from prescribed drug overdose? What about one in five people who have to be hospitalized? These were figures quoted about a month ago from the same newspapers. I scratch my head. Do I say anything or keep quiet or can a rationalization be overly explained? Last week I argued with a doctor about the ramification of prescription drugs versus Homeopathy, which was once very popular in the United States, but that's another story, another time. There was no argument. I was wrong, having no degree. He was right. 10 years of training. I would choose bananas over prescription drugs any day. Monkeys in the wild have no diseases, doctors, hospitals. This was one article of many.

There are more red alerts out there. But we stop, for the truth can be overwhelming. How about a positive transition? Jump thru the bonds of turmoil, catch a glimmer of Doestovetsky unchained. Being sick is like a happy thong. The sinus pain is the joy of releasing untold horror. Or catch a fever and honor the rain. Are these two dissimilar statements or one and the same? Sinus problems according to my reading, are strongly associated with dairy consumption? I repeated these words to one of my customers, whose 5 year old daughter was given antibiotics, and it wasn't working. What's a parent to do: listen to her doctor who advised another round of prescriptive drugs or get a second opinion? Honor the sinus problem. It's the miracle of life: creating a crises to allow the mucus to get rid of the unwanted toxins. I end this news of raw food to give thanks, for our body, and all its idiosyncrasies.




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