February 9, 2005    My Raw Food Diet


If there are times to write, times to think and times to just be, this may be just time to be, to let go and to give thanks for another day. I began my raw food journey about seven years ago, why is not the question. It was just supposed to be that way. As soon as I read the book, Natural Hygiene by T.C. Fry, I instinctively knew that this is what my life had been missing. A way of eating, a way of thinking and a way of just being. At the time I thought whatever was a typical fare of wife, kids, job, house, mortgage and what's next to eat. On a Tuesday night I am scrounging for the right words to express the blessedness, the honor and the joy I felt when my life took that gradual turn to learn what is really important and what is not. As I approach my 58th birthday I am totally aghast. You would think I am worrying about all those things that would bother someone of my age. It is almost the opposite. I have entered almost my second childhood. My creative energies have blossomed after being so long dormant. My writing skills for better or worse are at least being written down as well as my music skills that were also non-existent at age fifty and at age forty. In fact they were never really a thought. Is also now a reality? I finished my first album and have performed numerous times at different schools and nursing homes. What I am also grateful for is that my youth has returned. It is like unbelievable. I am doing things, which were not even a possibility when I was in my twenties.

What does that mean? It means that giving the proper conditions: fresh air, organic fruit and vegetables, plenty of sleep and exercise the body will do whatever it can to restore itself. I have begun boxing lessons. They are intense to the point of gruel ferocity. I am practicing four to six times a week, where after exercising I am literally drenched in sweat. The fact that I am able to do this is amazing. The fact that I can keep up with guys that are twenty to forty years my junior is also amazing. I give thanks to my lifestyle that enables me to dwell in this continuous exuberance. I give thanks for being able to share this exuberance, to give hope and thanks that each day forward I am allowed to express my joy for being young in both body and mind.

I thank you for your time. Arnold