February 2, 2006    Green Smoothies, Pt 2


Greetings: It is one of those moments where everything stands still and everything is moving forward. As life flows so does Arnoldís Way. We are still in the midst of the Green Smoothie revolution.  What was a fantasy last month about a town, a city and a country becoming disease free, as a distant dream is now a hard-core reality and possibility. Our days at Arnoldís Way are spent sharing the virtues of drinking the Green Smoothie (see www.rawfamily.com for more stories). It is a typical day where I hear, I advise and I listen to the wonderful stories of what could be and what is. Stories like Fanny (not real name) who came to me almost two months ago in tears, in shock and in a state of not knowing what to do. Fanny was diagnosed, branded and set out to pasture with one of those rare diseases that has almost no known cause and no known cure, Hepatitis C. Fanny was hearing these medical terminology being handed to her not only without thought but almost with malice of the traumatic results it could have on the bearer of such news. It is with these thought that I repeated the words of Dr Vivien Newbold as paraphrased to Nancy James when she was given the life threatening disease sarcodoisis: ďDo not treat your disease as your enemy instead treat it as your teacher and friend and how it is here to help and guide you.Ē Using these words as a basis I recommended two things, actually three. The first and foremost is love of who you are. Love everything that led you up to this particular moment. It has to be honored and blessed as a gift of the Universe. Stand straight as a warrior not as a victim. The hurt from the past, whether it was an abusive father or a mother who yelled, screamed and tried hard as he/she may to shut down your glory is now your glow and your love of life. These negative feelings have to become your base of strength whether it be your parents, your spouse or your friend, because they did not know what hurt they caused, for they were also the victims of an abusive past, long ago.


This newsletter is dedicated to all those who can understand this logic that for what reason we were brought forth into this world as a gift of light and love and that path has to become part of who we are.  If not, every cell, every tissue and every life force in our body will continue with an unnatural feeling of deprivation that will cause our bodies to grow weak, tired and choose a path that is destructive to our well-being. Listen to the love of the body. I remember the words of Dean Martin (taking Responsibility DVD) who stated very clearly as one of the single most primary cause for all disease is our thought process. Every negative thought is toxic and how every unforgiving action and jealousy is a roadblock to eventual healing.


I shared with Fanny the idea of self-responsibility and the fact that disease doesnít just happen. It is a bodyís defense mechanism for creating a crisis that will push out, isolate or encapsulate the toxins in an area where it can be easily eliminated. In woman itís called tumors, for men this is called prostate.  These are all signs of the bodyís intelligence and all signs of our bodyís love for ourselves. They have to be honored and blessed as a courageous defense of the body for clearing ourselves of toxins. We, as a people, are solely responsible for the ills that face us. In Colin Campbellís, China Study, has sentence after sentence that clearly states that those who partake of animal product will on a very high percentage get the cancers, get the diabetes or whatever ills of the 21st century. Fanny heard the words. She read the books. She found herself not only drinking two green smoothies a day but enjoying them.  She was declared hepatitis free last week. As I shared this information with Fanny, I also shared the same information with Tim (not real name) who came to me because of lung cancer. I shared with him about love of ourselves and that what happened in the past is our strength. The body when it reeks of anger cannot heal. The body when it reeks of negative past relationships, past hurts and past ďdone me wrongĒ creates an energy that is toxic and prevents the healing to begin. I spoke of drinking two green smoothies a day because itís easy to make and each drink is loaded with useable vitamins, minerals, protein, glucose, water and essential fatty acids.  These are all the essential ingredients needed in order for a body to begin the healing process. Tim listened for he heard the same story once before. Tim heard it about a year ago when he was diagnosed with stage three-lung cancer or whatever these medical centers name their disease. Tim did not believe in the healing powers of eating your fruit and veggies everyday. Tim believed in the medical community. Thatís the way he was raised and the way he thought he would always continue. All those beliefs were from last year. All those beliefs Tim wanted to believe were washed away like rotten trees in a sandstorm that took a wrong turn. Tim, one year later was now diagnosed with stage four-lung cancer. What he once believed, he no longer believes. What he once didnít believe has now become a possibility. He bought two green smoothies and bought a large 32-ounce container and said he will be back tomorrow.

I catch my breath and begin to remember the short stories and the long stories of the other dozens of customers who lives are changing for the better just by the simple act of drinking two smoothies a day. (I personally drink around five). My friends, what I am trying to tell is that by the simple act of pushing two Green Smoothies a day, one does not only totally transform the energetic acceleration of healing to those customers who are on the program but my business as well has zoomed to a level of unbelievable. Only two short months ago my business was good, not great but good. I was selling produce at the rate of 25 cases a week. Since the introduction of the Green Smoothie, my sales have literally gone thru the roof. Where once I was selling 12 bags of leafy greens in a week, I am now selling 200. Where once I didnít know what a collard green was, it has now zoomed into my number one seller. I canít order them fast enough. Where once I dreaded the cold months of January and February for the deadening effect it had on my customers to even think of coming to my store for a smoothie, it has now completely been transformed into a slow stampede. I canít keep up with the demand. Where once January and February were by far my slowest months, I have seen my Januarys sales as the best month ever in my business history, a jumping up almost 60 percent from the previous year.  My friends, we are talking about a green smoothie revolution. My customers are not only seeing results but they are sharing the results with their friends, family and co-workers. If such a statement can be labeled about little old Lansdale, ďthe green smoothie is creating an energetic transformation.Ē  This, my friends, is the reality as I see it. This, my friends, is the true economics of why business exists and why it can spread. There is a major something happening in the possibility of how diseases can be transformed into a healing salvation without the use of drug intervention. This, my friends, I can only call, Unbelievable!

I share that silence with you the reader, with you the listener and with you who for some unknown reason has read this far and wishes to continue.

I heard from Eric. I could use his name, I think. He came into my store so excited so happy and so full of life because he had only one story to tell.  His story was filled with dozens of names and dozens of stories about all the people he has turned onto Green Smoothies. His excitement and his enthusiasm were to share that secret. He wants to drive himself into that happy land of buying a truck and transforming it into a walking billboard of why Green Smoothies. Ericís dream is to drive to the colleges, schools or wherever possible and sell Green Smoothies. He is speaking this month at our potluck. Come hear his amazing story about having so much pain for two years that he was literally a walking pain addict.  That was then, this is now. He now rocks.

I speak the words of light and love of thyself as the start of an energetic transformation. I speak the words of the Green Smoothie (Thank You, Thank you, Victoria Boutenkoís Green for life) as a major step in creating this transformation. Itís easy to make. It barely takes three minutes, maybe 4 minutes, to put 4 leafy greens, either collard, kale or whatever you have, as well as two or three bananas, a little date and one apple with 16 ounces of water.  I take these ingredients, or any combination that you so desire, consisting of having green or more greens or more fruit and less fruit. My friends. there are no mistake when you are drinking fruits and leafy greens in a predigested state. I take this incredibly delicious concoction and I share the fine nectars of what life has to offer. It is live in a glass. It takes minutes to digest. It is love of the universe not using much energy for digestion. I take these words and listen to the music of healing spreading all across the land.  


Everyday customer after customer comes into my store with that magical glow as if whatever they are doing is the right thing to do.  I speak of love of who we are without fault from the past without malice and without fear of what could be. Life is a journey full of holes and gaps and wonderful leaps forward. We take these steps to complete healing with love in our heart. This love of which we are spreads to the love of what we eat. It begins as a small trickle to those around to have that same energetic connection.   World peace has to begin with I, spreading from the inside out not from the outside in. So, I request your journey to be that of mine, to share the wisdom of taking total responsibility for our health to all those who want to hear and to all those who have that unimaginable disease where there is no cure and no hope. Share the love of who you are. Share your secrets of being free and being at peace.


I thank you for your time. Arnold