December 30, 2006    Green Smoothies


Unbelievable: That’s my only thought on a Thursday morning that is three days before the New Year. It is unbelievable that 2006 is going to happen. As unbelievable as that is, Arnold’s way is also taking some very bold daring steps.  It is a far off mission statement that was created because there is no choice in the matter. Arnold became tired of reading the newspapers about people at tender ages of 40 to 50 years old dying of cancer. He was tired and more hurt from listening to customer after customer coming to the store telling of their incurable disease, day after day.  It is more than a shame, it is more than pity, and it is about words that are indescribable. According to the China Study by Colin Campbell, “that if you eat an American diet, the chances of getting cancer is 99.5 percent.” It is this type of statement that caused a reaction. It is this type of disease incident rate that caused Arnold to ponder, to think and to create a happenstance that will not only offset these dire results but also actually totally reverse it from ever happening.

It is on this note that I created my Mission statement, which, came into being barely three weeks ago, and can only be called miraculous. It has evolved into the dreams of all dreams. It is the sun and the moon. It is life and joy all wrapped up in beautiful colors. It is a picnic of love and joy with every breath. What is it? It is the “ching ching” of victory over sickness. It is the victory of possibility and total self-responsibility of never ever catching a serious life threatening disease. What I have been inspired to create (thank you, thank you Victoria Boutenko) was a very simple task of two minutes a day to make green smoothies. That’s it! A simple task of making two green smoothies loaded with approx .16 ounces of leafy greens and fruit mixed with 16 ounces of filtered water. In doing this it begins to create an anatomical transformation that miraculously transforms the user into not only a high energetic healing transformation but also a high energetic charge of super wellness. I am forced to use the word once again of unbelievable, as I speak in total confusion to you not me.

I begin my story on how the Mission Statement  “to create an energetic movement for the transformation of a disease free (choose your town, city, state or country) Montgomery County (100,000 People)” happened. My story on how this all came about, occurred about two or three months ago. It was one of those infamously mornings when after three days of not shaving I noticed incredulously my three day growth was almost 40 percent gray. Wow! I was in somewhat shock knowing what I know that this should never happen.  I was a raw foodist.  I was, I thought, doing everything right.  Gray hair is a sign of poor absorption of vitamins and minerals. In any case, I was in a ponder. I began to think and think. I concluded three thoughts: Ann Wigmore, who at the age of 82 did not have a single gray hair on her head.  I thought of the bonobo monkeys who have a 99 percent similar D.N.A structure similar  to humans. Most important, I was either doing something wrong or I was not adding something that I should to my food consumption. All these thoughts became my obsession. All these thoughts preoccupied my thoughts on a daily basis.

It is with these magles  (not a real word) of confusion that I received an email from Victoria Boutenko who believe it or not was also not only thinking along the same lines but was actually researching and documenting the strong relationships between man and monkey. She studied a monkey’s diet (50% fruit and 50% percent leafy greens) in relationship to our diet. In her email she wrote about Ann Wigmore. She also wrote about monkeys and their amazing similarity to humans. Finally, she wrote about her husband’s gray beard turning back to black once he began drinking green smoothies on a daily basis. It is on those three random coincidences of thought processes that I believe was by accidental design that not only rocked my world but turned it completely upside down. I read this email twice, not once. I was not only totally amazed but also utterly ecstatic. Did I, Arnold, find the Fountain of Youth in a Green Smoothie? In any case, Victoria sent me her book, Green for Life. I read her book. It was a gold mine of wisdom. It made such an impact on me I ordered 60 of them for my customers. One week later I ordered another 100. Her intuition on what works in a very easy method became the backbone of my business, Hence the Green Smoothie, Hence ”My Mission Statement”, Hence my best selling smoothie at my store, Victoria’s Green Secret.

At the same time I also saw the film, “Rave”, by Mike Anderson which was a very graphic and well documented film on how meat, chicken, fish, dairy and eggs is a major contributor for all diseases in this country.  My heart went “ker boom, ker boom and ker boom”.  I not only ordered 160 books from Victoria, I also ordered 120 DVD’s and books from Mike Anderson. In my 14 years of business I have never ever ordered more than 15 books at a time let alone 280 books and DVDs. I was making a statement and I was seeing results. I am literally demanding all my customers buy Mike Anderson’s book/DVD Rave, which details in no uncertain terms, what one should not eat but what you should eat. I was also demanding, if such a word can be used, that they buy, Green for Life by Victoria, along with my Green Smoothie creations, along with my Mission Statement and along with my more spiritual energy. My store began going nuts as every other person was buying a Victoria’s Green Secret. I created a cataclysmic (no such word) concoction that is knocking the sox off every person who has tasted it.

The Green Smoothie, literally overnight, has become the backbone of my business. They not only taste fabulously fantastic but the results of what happens when taken on a daily basis can only be called Unbelievable. The results were like right out of the stratosphere. What I saw was that people who were having trouble changing to a raw food diet now were ecstatic on how easy it is to make a green smoothie transition.  I saw that the successful transition of people before the green smoothie transition was maybe about two percent would actually stay with this lifestyle change. The success rate number grew to 50 to 75 percent on a green smoothie transition. What I saw was where I was only selling anywhere from three to five fruit smoothies a day in winter had now jump up to 15 to 20 green smoothies a day in only three weeks time.  What I saw was that customers like Angie, who had Lupus for a number of years, once she switched to drinking two smoothies a day had increased her energy almost 80 percent in just three weeks. She was glowing. What I saw was a customer like Lynn, a 40-year-old mother of 4 and a mostly raw foodist, was always tired and now had boundless energy. What I saw was every person who tried it not only liked it but also was staying with the program. I am totally amazed. Never in my 8 years of pushing raw food have I seen such a phenomena. Am I totally ecstatic? You betcha!  It looks like the possibility of creating a disease free country is possible. To make two green smoothies a day takes two minutes a day, max. It is so totally easy and so totally tasty and most important so totally doable. The unbelievable part is that the results are amazing.  From what I have seen, every person who tries it not only gets the glow and the energy but they also get everyone involved in sharing the same thing. They get their family first, then their relatives and then their friends. All this has been happening in my store in just one month. It is on that note that I am totally ecstatic. It is on that note that the word unbelievable has monopolized this newsletter as a possibility for a disease free town, city, country and world.


I thank you for your time. Arnold