December 10, 2004    Iatrogenic


It's the ninth day after I was suppose to write a newsletter. What was suppose to be became what it is. I think, I ponder, I think of a young man who fought a valiant fight against lymphoma and died. I think of a woman in her mid fifties who also fought a valiant fight and died. I read, I hear the stories, the details. I am not in immune to these fights for life. These fights that just do not have to be. We live in a country where the number one reason for death, with an estimate as high as 700 thousand deaths a year and no one ever heard of the disease. Look it up Its called Iatrogenic.  It is in this vain that Arnold's Way has no choice but to constantly raise the bar. It is like an everyday process in what more can we do to raise the consciousness of what we put inside our body determines how we act, how we live, and how we love.

 This past weekend we hosted Raw Passion with some of the top experts in the country coming to our little town, our little place. To say it was a gala event would be disservice to their expertise, their message, to the possibility that by taking responsibility anything becomes possible. We take this same intensity to this same vision and take it the next level wherever possible.

Our fruit bar sales are still going strong. We currently have them located in about twenty places. Our intention is not so much the sales but the visibility. It not so much what they are but what they represent. We have our website mentioned on every bar. Our website has over 100 diseases which not only have been researched but also clearly states that there are over 24000 diseases which can be reversed 90% of the time within six months just by changing to a raw food diet. That is the message which we at Arnold's Way have repeated over and over. Not because of the strength of the dollar, not because we have a business that demands this message to be spread. Its because we as a people, as country, as individuals are truly responsible for each other. So we keep on pushing our classes and our events.

Thanks for you time,