November 26, 2001    Asthma


From the humblest beginning
 To the disdain of all eternity
A cough lingers.  A breath cherished
 The stench of air quenches the thirst
 A boy smiles.  A babies cries for help
Counting to three should be as easy
 As learning to breathe without any help

So begins this week's newsletter on asthma, one of those medical diseases that is almost being labeled as an epidemic.  It is the disease of 27 million sufferers.  That statistic was the burning light that led me to this week's topic.  I became both exhilarated and despaired, furious and deliriously happy just given an opportunity to write this.  T.C. Fry stated in Health Reporter Volume 1 Report 18, "Asthma is one of the easiest afflictions to overcome.  Your body eliminates its extraordinary toxins through the bronchioles.  When you reduce the levels of toxicosis to levels the body can excrete normally through lungs, kidneys, bowels, and skin, you will no longer experience asthma."

Can it be that simple?  It's almost like a sin to add any more words because the answers strike truth within our very souls.  I think of Matt Goodman who is not a writer, not a speaker.  He is a nobody in the world of the renown. Yet his impacts, his words, his being strikes the very heart of the standard medical procedure.  Being affected by MS for 8 years he states, "This is the best thing that ever happened to me."  What does that mean, and how is it connected to asthma?  How is it connected to T.C. Fry's statement about asthma, and how is it connected to my delirious happiness in discovering my secrets of asthma.  They are all seriously connected.  They are all of the same language. They are all written by the same thoughts, the same philosophy.

"And you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free" (Chapter 8 verse 32, Book of John)

When we as individuals, when we as a group, when we as a collective consciousness start refraining from eating those foods that are either killed, cooked, processed, or pasteurized and replace them with pure water, air, and food of our "biological adaptation," our body will begin the healing process since it won't have worry about the overload of toxins.

As our body becomes free so does the stagnant energy, and it begins its transformation.  So we hear the words of T.C. Fry and repeat the words of Matt Goodman.  We begin to have an inkling of what joyous deliciousness is about.

On this note we begin our serious quest for facts, for research, for real life heroes who made the giant leap to purity of food.  We look for answers regarding the causes of asthma, the treatment, and the healing possibilities.

So we begin by opening the pages of Alternative Medicine.  It describes asthma as, "The leading cause of disease and disability in children and teens two to 17."  It is a disease that strikes all ages, all colors, and all religions; there are no favorites.  But as bad as this sounds, we have to remember the other side that represents total health.  The body's infinite defense force is strong enough to repel any allergic environmental agents bent on destruction providing the proper conditions for health are given.

So as laymen who understand that raw food healing connection, we set that wisdom aside and begin our research into the "medical" causes of asthma.  As defined by Alternative Medicine, "An asthma attack is characterized by a narrowing of the bronchial passages along with an excessive excretion of mucus resulting in impaired breathing with the severity of symptoms often accelerating rapidly."

So we hold that statement in suspended limbo.  The asthma definition haunts my very truth.  It pushed my start button to break away from accepting the words of acquiesces.  It's time to delve into what causes the narrowing of the bronchial passage.  It's 11:30pm.  I want to continue, and I want to stop.  I scan the many books, the many possibilities of treating asthma.  We quickly forget the truth of our body's intelligence as the only way possible for healing.  However, at this point I realize I can't possibly continue with my head nodding.  I must stop and go to bed and save for another day the explaining of the why's of asthma.

And the night passes into day and the day passes into the next evening.  My total energy is dedicated to finding not just the truth about asthma and its causes but also to spreading the words regarding what it takes to become symptom free.

So we take the definition.  I remember the excessive mucus and the narrowing of the bronchial passage.  We, thinking of the 27 million people who are suffering, have to be diligent researchers.  We have no choice but to continue our quest for the cure.  In the Sunfood Diet by David Wolfe he states, "The mucus lining becomes irritated on a diet of cooked foods." That is a possible reason for the asthmatic cough.  If that logic stands as a truth, then it would stand to reason that by removing the cooked foods the cough would go away.  There are heroes who did just that.  Lisa Kanney who wrote, "How I overcame Asthma," noted her secret as fasting.  Her words become her actions.  Lisa was receiving allergy shots for 10 years. Thinking she was doing the right thing she then developed asthma.  At first the asthma began occasionally until it worsen caused by other aspects of her lifestyle including an intense job.  Lisa did not get as much rest as she needed, which lead to insufficient sleep.  These factors lead to her having a major flare-up.  It included the coughing, the wheezing, and the difficulty in breathing.  The same situation that affects 27 million Americans, mucoid plaque, is the major factor in the cause of asthma.   The body, according to David Wolfe, "is always trying to diffuse impacted mucus. To achieve excellent health, mucoid plaque has to be flushed out of the colon through raw food, colonics, and fasting."

So Lisa Kanney heard these words, and listened to her choices.  She could have gone medically as per Clinical Evidence June 2001 issue, which is the "up to date compendium of the best available evidence on the effects of common clinical interventions."  It states that for those people with chronic asthma, it was found that "regular use of short acting inhaled agonists provides no additional clinical benefit and may worsen asthma control in people with mild intermittent asthma."  This is not really a good answer for someone who has asthma and is researching for something that will work.

I then search in the Merck Manual 17th edition, which is supposedly the most widely used book by the medical industry.  Their years of research in medicine, clinical studies, and experience should have been able come close to being able to handle this asthma epidemic, which T.C. Fry described 10 years ago as "one of the easiest afflictions to overcome."

There are almost 10 pages of print, including a very lucid explanation of the definition of asthma. "Asthma is a pulmonary disease characterized by reversible airway obstruction, airway inflammation, and increased airway responsiveness to a variety of stimuli."  I presume that means people have a hard time breathing.  So I begin reading the words.  There are nice long ones and big ugly ones.  They are all the key medications with key stages on how to use them with key differentiations of stages in asthma.  I read the statistics.  I read about the increase of approximately 25% within 10 years. I read about the death rate increase of 40%.  I read that asthma is the leading cause of hospitalization.  Everything so neatly calculated, so neatly charted.  There was no mention of mucus lining.  There was no mention of cooked food.  There was no mention of fasting.

These were the options that Lisa had to choose from.  These were the options that she as the lucky one could ignore, for Lisa did her homework, asked questions, asked about results, and chose the "cure" that she thought would work best for her.

She began her hygienic fast and in 2 days found relief.  What was her treatment?  "No food, no medication, only distilled water."  So we sit, we wonder, and we study the words of Dr. Robert Gross in Hay Fever and Asthma. "When we live incorrectly by indulging in wrong food habits, wrong thinking, and getting insufficient sleep, fresh air, and exercise, our bodies become depleted of nerve energy."  If your body becomes depleted of this nerve energy, it will lower its resistance, and its ability to eliminate the toxic materials that are built up during a normal day of wear and tear.  It is in this state that the body becomes hypersensitive and to all the triggering elements mentioned.  Hay fever and asthma will be manifested."

"These words become the words of glory and pride," stated Irene Lewis, who I know personally for she too was afflicted with asthma.  At first, asthma was her hand around her throat, a diabolical dungeon, which was destroying her young existence.  She was a young woman who began her symptoms at age 28 and who at the time was on the path, and is still on the path, to doing the right thing.  She was on a path to higher consciousness.  She took her steps wisely for she thought she knew.  Initially her treatment was under doctor's care, year after year of doctor's care.  Not once during her treatment did anyone ever mention diet.

If you would read the latest medical journal diet is not noted as a factor. Mucus is there for a reason other than the cooked food we put in our bodies. However, there 27 million people that are suffering, which according to my statistical information, is twice as many people than have suffered from it in the past 10 years.  But the medical establishment has their own research on why and what to do.  Irene Lewis one day stopped, for she is on a journey every day to a higher consciousness.  She switched from drugs to herbs.  It' s a journey of Irene Lewis, myself, you, the world.  We are all of the same journey.  The day came when Irene could not walk up steps.  She could not be without her inhaler.  She had 2 children, one business, and her husband dependant on her.  The only thing she wanted was to breathe free.  Not for a day but for an hour.  She wanted to be able to run free without being out of breath.  It was on such a day she advanced to a much higher consciousness to a more intense journey.  Irene decided to go all raw so her system would start to clean itself out.  Three weeks was all it took, as stated by Anna Inez who runs a health and education center in upstate PA.  Irene listened, for she had no choice.  She had tried everything else and nothing worked. For 3 weeks she only ate raw food.  Plenty of fruit, plenty of vegetables, nuts, seeds, and distilled water.  What happened can only be called a miracle for herself, for the other 27 million Americans who still have it and have not heard of any other options.  Irene's body began cleaning itself out.  It was cleaning the colon, the intestines, and the stomach.  A toxic body, which when given the conditions for health will begin its own self-repair.

I remember Irene talking at our store around 5 months ago.  It was amazing to listen to the passion, the quest, and the journey for "higher consciousness."  She followed the path.  She chose a raw food lifestyle, and within 3 weeks Irene was no longer bothered by asthma to the extent she once was.

Irene, Lisa, and now Rachel, who wrote an article, "From Total Allergy to Health," are all saying the same thing.  There are no magic pills to be taken.  There are no magic words to be spoken.  It's as Irene put it, "a journey to a higher consciousness."  What we put in our bodies determines to a large degree how we feel.  Each of the ladies did their due diligence that led them to a well thought out well-documented option.  They researched possibilities to not only change their diet but to rid their bodies of their daily toxic choices.

So time is approaching midnight.  I'm in my seventh day of research, of finding out the causes of asthma.  I have to finish because next week's topic awaits me, and my eyes once again demand sleep. 

So I end as I begin with anger, for those who suffer need not.  To those who changed their ways and shared their healing, thanks for your story.  It has to be told.  For those who read this from start to finish, congratulations. Please share this with a friend for your friend becomes my friend.  Their hope becomes our hope.  The message needs to be shared.

Thank you for your time.


Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe
Clinical Evidence by The United Health Foundation
Merck Manual 17th Edition
Alternative Medicine by Burton Goldberg
"Lower Respiratory Tract Infections" in Advance for Nurse Practitioners
God's Way to Ultimate Health by Dr. George Malkamus
"From Total Allergy to Health" by Rachel Hancel
"Hay Fever and Asthma" by Dr. Robert R. Gross
Reporter Advisor by T.C. Fry
"How I Overcame Asthma" by Lisa Kanney

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