November 22, 2002    Protein


The wind flows against a darken sky
Memories of what once was, mirror the images of what is
A young lass gallops thru the fields of green
Athletes rejoice in the glory that truth, fiction,
and lies can stand side by side
A trooper like Atlas falls flat on his face
Where's the honor, where's the fame
Can all that protein be that bad of a thing

It is with these lines that this week's journey begins, one of research, one of unfolding the myths and propaganda of why protein is not that good. As a health food storeowner, I hear the words all the time; as one who speaks of health is wealth, I hear the arguments. In my opinion one of the greatest scams put on the American public is the importance of eating protein, not only on a daily basis but also as an integral part of our diet. My first words are "hogwash", if they only knew. These are the voices of disbelief which I hear everyday. Those who think protein keeps a body healthy and fit are the vast majority. Those who think it is the way and only way are the voices of intelligence that run our schools, our education program, our media, our everyday learning of what is real and what is lie. We are living in a world where the stack of cards is already drawn. Where are Pottinger's Cats to throw some disbelief in the written in stone theory. It is on this basis that I begin my research; the language of learning why protein is not good for you is out there. The language that shows the consequences of eating too much protein is out there. The hope and reasoning of seeking the truth becomes the light of a new morn when just the tiniest of efforts are applied in discovering the fallacies, the true nature of what protein does to our system.

As owner of a vegetarian raw café, I hear the words of those that think they know, "what about protein". It is these words that burn scorching holes of disbelief in my very soul. It's the words of where's the protein that puts wings to my unfailing discipline to read, to write, to share my research. To put justice into "where's the protein" myth, meant not only to ourselves but to the land we live on, reside in, and fight for as nothing else matters.

There has to be a realization for every gram of protein ingested, an animal has to be killed. All factors set aside about the side effects of eating animal protein, the saturated fat, high cholesterol, the growth hormones, not to mention the scientific journals as quoted, "that excess protein has been found to promote the growth of cancer cells and can cause liver and kidney disorders, digestive problems, gout, arthritis, calcium deficiencies (including osteoporosis) and other harmful mineral imbalances. These are true statements, all scientifically proven, all meant to discredit the dangers of a high protein diet. But these are the minor inconveniences to our general well being. The real harm in my opinion is the consensus among the general population that the killing of an innocent animal can be justified. They feel it is not only justifiable but that it is absolutely essential for our well-being. Who speaks these words, that killing, maiming, destroying an animal, cutting it in bits and pieces, freezing their parts and then selling them is justifiable. Am I living on some other planet where the sense of sanity becomes the anti-hero of what is right and what is lie? Does a sane man take these bits and parts, burn them in an oven, watch the blood ooze out, screams for the legs, articulates how well done they should be and then speaks of peace. Is there a direct link to conscious living broken? Is it normal to be thirsting for fried chicken wings? Do we give refuge for the angry birds who become victims to this endless carnage for yesterdays wing party and today's 6:00 special bash? I dare say, is there an ounce of regret in this non-stop meat gauging? Would the same silence that reeks of purity and innocence be so humbled if dogs and cats replaced the cows and chickens? Would our conscious public stand silent and watch the slaughterhouses being built? Would they cheer the specially built animal carrying tractors? Does a dog and cat rate the same privilege in God's eye? Were we all meant to live in a society of peace and harmony? Is all that ballyhoo about protein being essential for life existence really true?

We read the words of Dr. Alfred Harper, Chairman of Nutritional Science at the University of Wisconsin, "one of the biggest fallacies ever perpetuated is that there is any need for the so-called complete protein". Do I already know these words to be true? Do I see the senseless killing of cows and chickens and not say a word? Do I point fingers and lay blame for those industries that have the most to lose and nothing to gain by sharing the truth? Do I look back to 1914 when evidence was gathered and proven stating that animal protein was necessary for human needs? Unfortunately for us this statement was based on rates. To add further insult to the American public, this statement has long been discredited. As quoted in "God's Way to Ultimate Health" by George H. Malkumus, "medical and nutritional establishments have been slow to accept evidence contrary to the status quo of self serving nutritional education", promoted by major commercial influences such as the meat and dairy industry. As truth be told, what I am writing is everything we already know.

The love of life is based on the love of who we are. Can we speak of love when we allow the killing of animals? Not only do we allow it, we encourage the vicious cycle for the protein. Is there justice in protein? We ride our horses to desert sand. We pet our cows, we look into their eyes, is their joy or sadness? We watch pigs; we go to farms, all in good fun. Is there a stench of blood on our hands by giving it the silent okay as we place our fork in the chicken? We visit the local steak house, wait in line just for the thrill of eating pieces of cow. I ponder, I envision of what is being done by our supposed enjoyment of animals that have to be killed. I close my eyes and watch. The night lingers quietly against the winter's edge. A distant light of honesty hangs over our hearts like heavy sheet metal. Therein lies the essence of what protein is and what protein does. In "Proteins in the Diet" by Mike Benton, what we read in the second paragraph kind of glazes our starry eyes, disconcern of what really matters as quoted, "protein is needed by the body for only two reasons, growth and tissue repair and replacement", which sounds nice, neat and almost fits into the theory of why we need so much protein until we continue with our reading. As quoted, "protein is not necessary for muscular energy, increased activity, or as a source of fuel". The time we need the most protein is when we are first born and in the first 180 days, we, meaning man, doubles in size. You would think because we double in size our protein needs would be humongous. The most perfect food is mother's milk, which contains 1.6% protein. This is nature's most perfect food for optimum health and growth.

The second role of protein is for tissue repair or specifically as quoted once again by Benton, "the replacement of worn out cells", man reaches full growth between 18-22, protein is needed only to supply the loss incidental to tissue waste". This my friends is why excess protein intake is wrong. In "God's Way to Ultimate Health" as quoted, "the average American consumes over 100 grams of protein a day which is three to five times as much as experts now say is necessary".

So we begin to review the facts, we think of not only eating dead animals but also killing them. We do not even mention parasites in our body which effects the liver, our eyes, our skin, our thoughts. Do we realize as quoted by David Wolfe in "The Sunfood Diet Success System", "the only way to eliminate parasites is to stop taking in animal products of all kinds"?

We think about our karma, which is energy; energy of ourselves, our thoughts, our actions, our emotions, how we interact in our environment and how it relates back to us. The questions that should be asked is, is there a negative karma energy placed not only upon ourselves but also for all our succeeding generations to follow? Is there, as quoted by David Wolfe, "a tremendous amount of destruction, the enslavement, torture and death of animals for food, leather, wool, cosmetics, toiletries, machines etc. in leading humanity's fate to an ever more perilous position"? These are the words I am reading. I get angry, I get empowered, and I have no choice. There are truths that have been written down to man from the beginning of time, Genesis 9:4 states, "but flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat", Leviticus 3:17 "it shall be a perpetual statute for your generation throughout all your dwelling that ye eat neither (animal) fat nor blood". These unnecessary killings have not only a destructive deterioration on our body wisdom but also on the land we live on. All this destruction based on a fabrication of a misconstrued theory based on rats tested in 1914. What becomes truth? What becomes lie? Facts, myths and figures are scrambled, jumbled, and intertwined so successfully that one accepts rather than question. We read that after an individual reaches adulthood as quoted in "Proteins in the Diet", "the only protein needs are for the repair and replacement of tissues that have deteriorated due largely to body toxicity".

We study deeper into the why of protein, as we look who are the promoters of so much protein, we look into those areas where protein is eaten at great quantity. In the United States, the typical American meat eater consumes about 93 grams of protein daily, which is more than anyone else in the world. We look into these areas, like the farming districts of Japan, which has maintained the same dietary habits for hundreds of years. In these farming districts, their principle diet is primarily vegetarian consisting of many greens, plums, wild fruit, roots and occasional fish. They are in excellent health without diseases of heart problems, cancer, or diabetes. They consume an average of 37 grams per day. Do we still question? Do we still want to eat our daily meat? We look into the research of how much protein is enough. The scientific data in the last 60 years as quoted in "Protein in the Diet", "several researchers, all independent, proved that between 3.7% and 4.65% of the total food intake was all the protein necessary to maintain good health". Dr. Max Rudner, director of Hygienic Institute University of Berlin showed that only 4% of the entire caloric intake had to be in the form of protein. What does that mean to the average American meat eater? Based on a 2500 daily calorie intake, it should be 30 grams of protein, which is 1/3 of our daily intake. When there is too much protein, more nitrogen than the body can process, toxicity results. From the excessive amount of protein in the blood, this protein poisoning, which it is, causes as quoted, "chronic fatigue, burning of the mouth, lips and throat rashes, many so called allergies, eventually destroying the entire glandular system. It over works the liver and places a heavy strain on the adrenals and kidney to eliminate the toxin it creates. These are the side effects of a high protein diet. These are the choices every day. What to eat and what not to eat. When we think of protein is it just a word? Is it such a word that has become so transfixed in the average American standard way of thinking, that there is no way to avoid using it as a cure all for all ill, as a cure all for all rhetorical come backs when faced with the possibilities of changing ones lifestyle to vegetarian. Is protein so transfixed in the average American meat eater that when they eat there has to be meat or otherwise it is not a meal. The protein content is labeled on all meat products—the chemical composition is 53% carbon, 22% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, and 1% sulphur. "Protein is present in the protoplasm of every living cell and organic activity of an organism".

So, we study the word and think about its uses. We think of the myths and propaganda on the virtues of protein. We think of all the deaths that it causes, we think of the karma effect it has not only on ourselves but the land we live on. We think of those companies, those industries that promote the heavy use of protein. We think of the average American meat eater consuming 93 grams a day. What we as a country, as a people do not realize, as quoted again by Mike Benton, "the body cannot use or assimilate protein in its original state as eaten, the protein must first be digested and split into its component amino acids. The body can then use these amino acids to construct the protein it needs". This my friend is the heart of what I would call the greatest scam ever put on the American public. Protein can't even be used by the body until it's broken down into an amino acid.

In "Fit for Life", by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, they reiterate the same statement about protein, as quoted, "the entire protein issue has been blown so far out of proportion that it is doubtful that people will ever feel at ease with it". These are the facts! The protein has to be broken in the stomach. It is highly complex, our stomach and our brain sends signals to each other figuring out what is the best method, enzymes, HCL, or water. It's a fact that the body has to break it down; hamburgers, steak, chicken, cannot flow through the blood in its whole state. It then travels to the small intestine; it has to be broken down into shorter and shorter chains of amino acids. This is necessary for the amino acids to become a simplified chemical form so it can pass through intestinal walls into the bloodstream. They are then carried to the liver where it then flows to the blood, lymph and cells. In the cells, it synthesizes the amino acids into protein as required. We hold our breath--we close our eyes. I'm lost in a sea of harmony and peace and think of all the wondrous things that life offers both inside and outside our body. We are the gift of life that dares to explore the mystical events that occur on a second to second basis. We honor the tree and all that it does. We are humbled by the food that the universe or whatever force it may be called has brought forth to this world. We live peacefully with all its habitants. We give thanks for another day.

I thank you for your time, Arnold

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