November 12, 2004    What I Do...


What I do and what I don't do. What I don't do is to resend a newsletter, which I sent out two week ago. It is on this note that I am sending out with certain urgency this newsletter. It is on this day, a seemingly ordinary day in the news, but a day I was hit with such an onslaught of sickness and disease. In my daily stroll through the time I hear the excitement of money being raised to fight cancer among children. It is now the leading cause of death for children under age 10. I hear of a child breaking down because of his father being diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is such a typical day. I hear of a middle aged woman just finding out she has breast cancer. The news is so typical in growing up in the states today. I want to yell, scream and shout about all these diseases that will simply disappear on a raw food lifestyle. Would anybody dare to listen? Would they give up their coffee in the morning? Would they bypass the doughnuts lying on the table? Would they dare order just a green salad at their favorite restaurant? These are the choices that I see. These are the choices that I feel. I watch the children eat. I see their mouths stuffed with the candy. I see the lunches being served at school. Do I dare pick my fight? I choose my words softly and I declare once again: "We At Arnold's Way do not have all the answers, we at Arnold's Way just share our opinion."

Remember the words which were so clearly written in the Star Tribune "I agree with this and I must add this. I truly believe that a majority of the people in this country (and I really love this country) has their head in the sand from the culturally imposed isolationism. The American people are listed 14th of the 16 industrial countries of the world in health. We are the sickest people since humans have been on the planet. 45% of our children are overweight or obese. They are unable to perform the simple physical exercises mandated of the Kennedy years. The number 1 cause of death in our children under age 10 is cancer. All degenerative diseases are lifestyle diseases and this lifestyle of greed, violence, chemical toxicity, nuclear bombardment in the home, etc. with the stress of just making it from one day to the next is the cause. We need to get out of all the wars and start educating people about healthy lifestyles. How can someone be anti-abortion and pro-war? How can someone be anti-abortion and support marketing and companies like Monsanto to continue killing our born children.? How can someone be anti-abortion and support agro-chemical toxicity and the causes of cancer? If we continue with the set lifestyle, there will be no future. Whenever the youth of any species begins to die from cancer, it is a precursor to the extinction of that species. If we as a people unite to no longer support these greedy, big industries and create an environment for positive, healthy change perhaps everything else will take care of itself. I believe we need to get back to basic values of the pursuit of good health, and happiness.

I thank you for your time, Arnold