November 10, 2003    Daily Diary


The places gathered its quiet herd
Existing in a world where no sense
becomes nonsense
Children cry. Adults scream for joy
Being caught between two shafts
Makes one realized, being true to who you are
requires standing straight and looking one in the eye

It is with these words that I begin this week’s newsletter. I seek words of quiet joy. I dabble for thoughts that create their own reward. These are makeshift thoughts that seek excellence for each passing word.


The seconds pass by. Scenes of what is become scenes of what was. I speak today of excellence, not disease. I speak of what could be, not what is. I speak of me and only me; living in a world where tests of mediocrity come flying by with each passing glance.


 I speak of 11 years past when just one more moment seemed a blessing, seemed an eternal gift from the Gods above. I speak of chest pains that struck randomly through-out the day. I speak of bloating, being overweight and all those annoyances that the medical field and everyone else called normal signs of getting old. I speak of times passed when all these signs were becoming an overload, of not knowing would I ever make it to the next day


 I remember those days well as black holes within my chest forever scratched in my soul of being. It was those moments for which I give thanks today. Eleven years have passed since I abruptly stopped my admittance to the Emergency room for severe chest pains. Eleven years have passed since the time when I didn’t know whether I would make it alive to the next day let alone to the next week. Eleven years have passed since I checked myself out of the hospital, realizing I had to take total charge of my health and vowing never to return


It is on this basis that I begin. It is on this basis that I share what it takes to not only to return from the living dead but also to rejoice in the blessing of every new dawn. We begin with my daily diary of what I do on a day-to-day basis and what I have learned over the years, reformulating myself so I would never be dependent on anybody else but myself. I share. I speak I write why in the eleven years that have passed, in my opinion, I have not only not aged, but look better, feel better and what is more important, reversed the aging process and recaptured my youth.


Morning- the day begins with exercise for a minimum of thirty minutes to 1 and half hours. This has to be done at least 4 to6 times a week. This routine has to be incorporated in ones life. Time has to be found. It is that simple, that pure. It is like brushing your teeth. THERE IS NO THOUGHT PROCESS INVOLVED IT IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST DO.  In the words of Paul Bragg in the book Miracle Of Fasting your breakfast has to be earned.


Exercise falls in 4 categories each exercise came to me as making total sense, as being part of the rejuvenation plan, as making me more true to myself.

Exercise number 1: Self Massage- literally means just that.   There is no one, I mean no one than can give you a better massage. You hit, pinch, rub with no boundaries on what is hard or soft enough.

Exercise number2: Yamuna Body Rolling  -A repeat of exercise number 1 except it uses a ball. It is very regimented taking no more than 10 minutes, but it has the same effect as a cold shower in mid morn. It revitalizes your skeletal muscle structure.

Exercise 3: Rebounding -my rock of Gibraltar, my shield of defense, my source of consistent excellence, it is a simple exercise that is known for cleaning out ones lymphatic system. So many thoughts, so many possibilities.

Exercise 4 Qigong (if I have time) :a breathing technique that relaxes one-self.

I developed this regimen over the years to reformulate my being.


Meal 1: Generally fresh squeezed, organic juice then blended with mixed greens or spinach. Sounds a little nasty, sounds weird but that too doesn’t matter. I have no choice in the matter but exquisite health. I think back of eleven years past. I am committed to excellent health by doing whatever it takes.  Why juice? Why organic?  Why blended?  There is no accident in this thought process. Juice takes approximately 10 minutes to digest. The less energy the body needs for digestion the more the body can tap into the innate healing power of the Universal Energy that lies within. Why organic?  A simple answer: There are no harmful chemicals involved in the growing, in the spraying, no genetic modification in the development, the fruit grows to its full fruition. I, in my infinite wisdom, do not want harmful chemicals to come into my body. This is the thought process that is required, a mindful consciousness to create excellence within and excellence without. I blend the orange juice with greens to offset the sugar intake of the fruit.

Ideally Breakfast should be eaten with a 12 hour break before the last meal. The body  has 75 trillion cells and twenty thousand units per cell. Each of the one quadrillion parts are like little doctors who continuously test our being. Remove the digestion process and the body has more freedom and energy to do its job.


Meal 2: My next big splurge in eating is between 10 and twelve o’clock.  Ideally this should be my drinking liquid stage.  If I do,  the rest of my day is glows gloriously. I shoot for drinking an energy shake. I use water, bananas, dates and a spirulina. For whatever reason it works.  It feel right.   I am no longer hungry for at least four to five hours.  And then it is almost like forcing myself to eat. My day goes off course if I deviate from this routine i.e. if I eat nuts or dehydrated food.  The reason being there is very little water in those products.  The secret to life, the secret to good health, the reason why there is so much sickness in this country is the eating food that contains no water.   Most of ones daily diet has to have water within its soul of being.  Otherwise, its life force is not what it should be.  As soon as one cooks a food the life force is destroyed.  How does a body feel eating food that is essentially dead?   How does a body feel eating food that has no vitamins, no minerals, no enzymes which help to break the food up for the body to assimilate.


Meal 3: For Lunch I generally use the same thought process. The less energy spent on digestion the better it is for your body.  I  make a lining soup for myself.  It generally is the same ingredients:  avocado, tomato, celery, mushrooms and zucchini.  The broth is water, olive oil and a sheet of nori. The taste is mouthwateringly delicious. I am overwhelmed by the taste, by the way I feel, how I am satisfied by the simplicity of it all. 


What I am saying is Excellence demands Excellence. It requires going back to the basics and a conscious effort moment-to-moment, place-to-place, an effort to make conscious  choices day in and day out. There is a truth within. There is a truth without. Our body is made up of  75% water. It needs that same make up in the food we eat. This comes only from fruit and vegetables - I stop in mid sentence- Words become jumbled in whole phrases - Phrases become short routes to creating meals IN SIMPLICITY RATHER THAN COMPLEX IDEALOGY!


Living the raw way means just that. Meals should be simple to make and simple to eat. The less time spent making a meal the better it is. Words are being shared. A daily effort is needed. A lifestyle approach becomes the necessity of life and a foundation for a better tomorrow.

We close our eyes and remember the truth that leads to excellence –more organic fruit, more organic vegetables, more quiet resolve to be the best one can. 


Meal 4: I take these points of excellent cuisine and apply them to dinner.  I choose the quickest path. I choose the least amount of effort. I choose a quick salad with avocado. I generally have living bread or an ocean green salad with the meal. Although not offering much variety, its always the same result. Simply delicious! I am always overwhelmed on how good a salad can taste. I keep my dehydrated food to a minimum since it has almost no water content.   This theory also applies to nuts and seeds.


I stop. I share. I listen. I discovered in the past eleven years the secrets of reversing the ageing process: Mindful Consciousness in what we eat, what we speak what we do. It is my path to be in harmony in everything I do, in everything I eat. My friends, there are no accidents. We can make a conscious choice to live a better way.


I chose my path 11 years ago, when I walked out of the emergency room and decided there is a better way rather than going medically. I made up my mind forever more. I would never be a victim again

 It is on that note Arnolds Way came to be become what it is A raw food, vegetarian, organic café and Health Center.

                                                                         I thank you for your time.



Events for this November


Thursday Nov 13,  6:30 to 9:30 PM - Arnold and Michelle will be giving a three hour food prep class for the new. Learn the secrets of reversing the aging process cost 25 dollars  -Pre-registration required


Sat, Nov 22- 1 to 4     Baby boutique and environmentally friendly products

Featuring products for everyone especially the children. A must come, touch, feel.    Refreshments served.


Mindy and Maria have started a raw food support group at All Natural Market in Ardmore on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm. Call Mindy at 610-6422-6116 for further info.

The same Mindy will be offering a raw food holiday dinner in Dec. register early -date to be announced -cost 20 dollars


Sunday Nov 23 from 12 to 4pm -Matt Goodman, conqueror of M.S., lecturer and long time friend of Arnold, will be having a fare well class on The Art of Living The Raw Way call Shakti Yoga for further info.


Other news items :

Our organic avocados have risen in price. We are now selling them for $1.59 each. They are bigger and they are delicious. Check out our wholesale prices - 15 percent above our cost, prepaid for a half-case either 24 or 30 pieces. Pickup is either Tuesday or Friday. Other prices: Seedless grapes $1.89 per pound. They are really good. Plum tomatoes are $1.59 per pound. Plus many other items.  


Tuesday Nov 25th - Dr. Doug Graham and Roziland will be speaking at our store. These are world renown speakers bring us the latest medical information on why raw and why now. Seating is starting to fill up so don’t delay. Cost is 25 dollars, reserve now. Call 215-361-0116. 


v   Every Saturday 8:15 am to 9:45 am Arnold gives a free delicious breakfast lecture on raw food and healing. Come listen and share why the 24 thousand diseases medically diagnosed are for the most part caused by lifestyle choices. Come feel the passion. Come see of the results. Why raw food? Why not? Pre-registration is required.


v   Last Saturday of the month 8:15 am to 9:45 am Arnold gives a non-cooking prep course on how to make meals in five minutes or less. Learn how to make cookies, cakes, spaghetti, burgers, shakes, and steaks - all raw, all good for you.


v  Every Sunday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm we host a raw food support group for healing for an alternative medical option for sharing for just being there. If you know of someone who would be interested in an alternative lifestyle approach who or would be interested in slowly getting rid of their dependence on medication or who just wants to feel great and healthy and vibrant please bring to the support group.


Michelle Lawrance who is temporarily a staff member at our store for the next two months will be giving a series of classes both on physical fitness and raw cuisine preparation.


v  Every Monday and Thursday 9am to 10am in Oct, and Nov. she will be having Yamuna body rolling classes. Pre-registration is required. Minimum attendance required is four sessions. This is necessary to realize the full impact of Yamuna body rolling. $50


Arnold’s up-coming musical CD should be finished in two months time. It is about eating your nine fruits and vegetables every day. It is geared towards children and an inspiration for adults. Who wants to hear someone who can’t sing, extol the virtues of vegetables and fruit? It is in this spirit that Arnold gives free concerts as well as free samples to any school classroom upon request. Right now we can only cover a thirty-minute range from the Lansdale area.


To make life easier, Food for Life is now offering organic meals available on Tuesday and Friday. Each week, on Sunday evening, they can email you a different menu. To place orders call Joel (267-992-9929)


One last thing, Arnold and Michelle will be offering a yoga/ raw food prep weekend retreat in lovely Ivyland, in a beautiful setting of sixty acres beginning Friday Nov. 14th at 7:30pm to Sunday Nov. 16th cost $175.00 per room per person or $125.00 for camping. Cost is all-inclusive. Includes meals, yoga, food prep classes, and just having fun.

            I thank you for your time.