November 10, 2001    Smallpox


Tales of the unknown ranked with filth
Adolescent boys shaved with no hair
Streets of grim, cities of crime
The hard life of dirt or being clean
Comes shining through the front door
If it is what it is, then it really isn't
Since being is was never in doubt

The harsh words of reality come rushing through the front door.  The New York Times October 25, 20001 edition bluntly reports, "Drug Makers Plan Vaccine for Smallpox."  So begins this week's newsletter on smallpox. According to the article, the Bush administration plans to buy enough of the vaccine to inoculate every American.  I personally was not only taken aback by that statement, but completely freaked.  Since I began my studies in depth this week, my initial reaction to that statement was WHOA!  After further consideration of the possibility of country-wide immunization, I was driven to research, write, read, talk, listen, or whatever it took to get as much knowledge regarding the whys of smallpox and whether being vaccinated would play any factor whatsoever in preventing this supposedly dreaded disease.

In order to do research I needed books; I needed information; I needed facts.  What I discovered, if truth could be labeled truth and lie could be labeled lie, was that smallpox was where it existed.  It was there.  When the vaccine was used as a preventative measure it was still there, and where smallpox existed in such miniscule numbers vaccine wasn't even a factor. What became obvious when vaccine wasn't factor was that the public wasn't made aware of these facts, not by accident, but by choice by the powers that be.

The question remains.  What am I saying if President Bush orders 300 million doses for every man, woman, and child in the US.  There has to be a reason for this fear of smallpox other than the word itself.

As a Godsend, as a blessing, as a goal, we read about the one major country, which has essentially been an unvaccinated country according to Herbert M. Shelton's book Vaccine and Serum Evils.  That country is Australia.  "In the whole of Australian history less than one person a year has died of smallpox."

So we look at Australia smallpox history and wonder why no one is saying anything.  We think about the Bush administration's plan to buy enough smallpox vaccine for the entire US.  Is there a reason why?  We read further into the article and find non-threatening statements saying, "Smallpox was essentially eradicated worldwide in 1977."  I assume every country also took Australia's non-vaccinating position.

That statement based on the normal mainstream thought process is like right out of ARE YOU CRAZY?? attitude.  So why vaccinate?  But in truth, that's what began happening when smallpox became eradicated.  In England and Scotland when the vaccinations were declining so was the death rate from smallpox.  Should I repeat myself?  When the vaccinations were declining so was the death rate from smallpox.  However, is that statement good enough? Does anybody really care?  Are these reports being shared or squashed? Beginning in 1872 when 85% of the population was vaccinated there was a reported 3,708 deaths.  As the percentage of people receiving the smallpox vaccination over 70 years decreased to only 34.9% there were fewer than 2 deaths.  These early statistical data were almost the same results that were found in the US, which can be found in Neil Z. Miller's book, Immunization Theory versus Reality.

So I'm trying to write and I'm trying to stay awake.  It's way past 11 pm, and my eyes begin to close.  My only thoughts are to go to bed.  I began the night eating just green food, but my energy went way down.  Once again with eyes barely open my body desires sleep, but my desire to write is overpowering.  I rush to the refrigerator to get my old standby jump-start - grapes - so I could continue writing.

I take the last thought process and shove it because it's essentially repeating the previous paragraph.  This article on the smallpox vaccination is becoming more complex, more incomplete, more confusing, and more mysterious.  Are we as a people being led down a narrow path with no way out?  Is the smallpox vaccine our salvation or a charlatan dying desire for righteous revenge?

We stop from going fast forward or having virtual vaccination for everyone to ask the question what is smallpox?  Where did it originate?  How many people died?  How many people shall live?  Where does the five lives exist that determine the answer?  Do we as a people idly stand by and let the doom of death fall upon our shoulders?  Is the smallpox vaccination our albatross of despair forever hanging in the midst of out collective consciousness?  I ask, I plead, I beg for guidance.

In the book The Hidden Dangers in Polio Vaccine, Eleanor McBean writes, "All vaccines and serums are foreign protein and therefore a virulent poison.  If any protein enters the body illegitimately through any channel other than the digestive tract, it becomes a stronger poison."  Do we stop at that statement?  Look innocently toward the wind and begin thinking that this vaccination is just a casual participant in the art of living in the free world.  We look at the lateness of the clock we laugh with unabashed abundance that we can live free, vaccinate free, while so close to midnight.

Vierra Schiebner states in Immunization: Theory versus Reality, "Generations of people have been brain washed to believe that infectious diseases are bad and that we have to do something, anything to stop children from developing them."  Dr. H.S. Diehl states, "Smallpox is a disease which varies enormously in severity.  In pre-vaccination days it was always severe, being fatal to between 20-30% of its victims (60 million people in Europe died of smallpox during the eighteenth century).  It affects alike the rich and the poor, the clean and the dirty."  So we stare at both statements.  We stare at the NY Times statement.  We listen to the fear factor displayed on the T.V. and the radio through the news.  Do we forget about our power, our super body intelligence, our immune system, which is so complex, so strong, and so vital that according to Albert E. Carter in The Cancer Answer, "Every time a chemist comes up with another substance our body has already found a way to destroy it."?  Do we forget this and begin the more in-depth research why there is the fear of smallpox and why this fear can be changed?

So the continual reading rises kindly from the pages to provide answers, to wash away the fear, to give salvation to many, and to support those who not only refuse vaccination for themselves but for others as well.  Eleanor McBean states, "If the death rate of smallpox was so enormous, it was largely due to the medical treatment of that time."  In medical terms, Dr. Russell T. Trall, a natural hygienist during the 19th century simply stated, "Smallpox is not a dangerous disease."  He cared for a great number of smallpox victims using natural hygienic treatment, fresh air, exercise, clean water, and raw food, and never lost a patient.  Not one.  Let's compare that to the standard medical procedure at that time, which consisted of being heavily drugged, bleeding techniques, as well as being smothered in blankets on dirty linen with no water or fresh air.  The only liquids allowed were milk, brandy, or wine.  Can we why smallpox was considered a dangerous disease?  We look at the differences in treatment back then and standards of treatment today.  Have they really advanced?  Two sets of three words come into play: cut, burn, poison or surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. They are the repertoire of most medical procedures.  These are the major issues facing modern medicine.  What treatment would be most effective, and how do you justify their use?  A natural hygienist who would still use the natural hygienic treatment of Russell Trall.  Is there an action that would cause a reaction?

In the case of smallpox, we have to study its history.  It appeared only with the collapse of the Greek and Roman civilizations.  Many years ago, their high standards of health were vanquished from light days into dark nights.  It was a period of time when standards of hygienic care could only be called down and dirty.  It was a period of time where smallpox became prevalent because of hygienic conditions becoming worse.  According to Montgomery English History, "In the streets of London and other cities, pools of stagnant water accumulated everywhere, heaps of garbage abounded, there was no sewage, and dead dogs and cats rubbish, rotten vegetable and fruit refuse, human and animal excreta, and slops from the kitchen were all thrown into the street."  That, my friends, is the good news.  The townsfolk lived under horrid conditions.  Whole families lived in single rooms often in one bed.  "They rarely ever washed, had no baths, no underwear, and wore the same clothes day and night."  This was poverty to the utmost degree. The funny thing that happened when the standards of sanitary and hygienic care were raised was that smallpox and other infectious diseases also began disappearing.

What does all this mean?  Eleanor McBean states, "There is only one truth or real immunity against disease and that arises from health."

If this holds true and the medical establishment also states that vaccinations are absolutely necessary it behooves us to go back in time and check why.  I wish I could stop, scream, and yell.  Let the truth be with us not by vaccination, not by destroying.  If the public only had even an inkling how the smallpox vaccine is derived, originated, and comprised of there would be no hesitation, no doubt, no possible alternative than to stop this insanity and/or its maker.

In Neil Z. Miller's book Immunization: The People Speak, we begin with the live virus, which is isolated from infected matter onto the stabilizing agent of formaldehyde.  Should I repeat myself for this too has to be injected into the blood stream?  Yuck.

To add further insult to my intelligence and your intelligence, the vaccine also needs, according to Neil Z. Miller, "aluminum, a neurotoxin, and thimerosol, a mercury derivative."  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who's making it, who's receiving it, who's deriving profit from it, the scenario gets more bizarre.  According to Neil Z. Miller, "This concoction needs to be incubated in animal tissue using animal organs."  Talk about gross.  Talk about insaneness.  Talk about reality.  Talk about medical advances in the past 100 years.  "The polio vaccine is incubated in Monkey kidneys.  Monkeys are raised specifically for this purpose."  This is the vaccination, this is the concoction that every child in American has to receive.  Twenty-two vaccinations before the age of two.  This is the reason why sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) affects anywhere from 2-10,000 children a year.  In Japan, SIDS was completely eliminated after they stopped vaccinating all their children until after the age of two.  This is the reason, according to a study by the University of Nevada school of Medicine, why out of 103 children who died of SIDS, 70% had received the DPT vaccine within three weeks.  These are poisons that are being put in our children's bloodstreams.

So we review the article in the NY Times, one of the most in depth reporting newspapers.  We scan the words, the sentences, the underlying meaning of what's said and what's not said.  We read the words of the article.  "Large scale production will almost certainly begin with a vaccine made from a live but less dangerous form of smallpox."   I say to myself, which part is not dangerous?  Is it the virus from the infected area, the formaldehyde, the aluminum, or  the thimerosol or maybe even the incubation period in a monkey kidney?  Or are these methods outdated?

We remember our reading about smallpox in Australia who in spite of being an almost non-vaccinated county has had less that 1 smallpox case a year in its entire history.  We also remember Dr. Russell Trall who never every lost a patient who had smallpox just by being treated hygienically.  Now let's look at the fact that that prior to 1796, according to Neil Z. Miller, the year Edward Jenner (not a doctor) began experimenting with a smallpox vaccine, epidemics were small and limited.  "It was only after he came out with his vaccine that we began to have huge epidemics all over the world." Furthermore, according to Miller, to make these figures more unbelievable, "An overwhelming number of people who contracted smallpox were actually vaccinated against the disease."

So we look at these statistics, we look at the facts, we reread the articles in the NY Times.   "Federal officials say there is no proof yet that killed virus vaccines are effective in protecting people from smallpox."  So we have all this information on both the uncertainty of the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine and the potential dangers of both killed virus and live virus.  The NY Times states that the vaccine, "poses a high risk of side effects even for healthy people and people with immune system difficulties or serious skin ailments."

I'm in my seventh day of research on smallpox.  I have reviewed all the information, all the implications, all the uncertainty, all the potential threats, and after reading all this, which is public knowledge, the only words I can think of are, "I don't get it."  Knowing all the hazardous possibilities, why is the Bush administration according to the NY Times planning to buy enough smallpox vaccines to inoculate every American?

There are things I wonder about.  As a single voice, I share my concern, I show my concern, and I write my concern.  The solution as always is to change one's dietary habits.  We need to rid the diet of the unnatural sugars, the sodas, and the processed food.  The decision in the end whether to vaccinate or not is up to the individual.  We are not doctors nor do we pretend to be.  I urge you to investigate further.  Investigate for yourself, for your health.

I thank you for your time.


Immunizations: The people speak by Neil Z. Miller
Immunization Theory vs. Reality by Neil Z. Miller
Drug Makers Plan Vaccine for Smallpox, NY Times article
Hidden Dangers in Polio Vaccine by Eleanor McBean
Vaccine and Serum Evils by Herbert M. Shelton
The Cancer Answer by Albert E. Carter
Vaccinations: Deception and Tragedy by Michael Dye

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