November 1, 2004    Story Of Sarah


Seek not Want not
Crystal balls and paper wings
Find the glory and open your eyes
Hold Tight and whisper the truth
Having a job means feeling good inside

I study the words written and think of oh how lucky, so lucky am I. It wasn't so long ago, all that I mentioned wasn't so. I did not like my job as a mailman for almost ten years. I felt a little stuck in a lifestyle where all my creative forces were used to pay the bills and keep up with the peer pressure of just buying. Those were the years that poetry and just writing were distant memories to laugh, to sneeze, to whisk away like bad breath that lingers after a night of eating a spicy meal. What was and what became is all part of the journey in growing up.

These were the words reverberating thru me on a Tuesday night, a day before a new volunteer will show up at my front door. Her name was Sarah. Although we barely met, her intentions, her actions, and her strong desire to help in doing what she believes is the right thing, set my mind racing back more than forty years... I remember the words of John F. Kennedy "Ask not what my country can do for me but what can I do for my country". It is on this basis that Sarah called me several days ago to volunteer her services. She wanted to help for whatever reason, for whatever thought, for whatever it would cost her. Sarah wanted one thing and only one thing: She wanted to be of service.

It is on this note we officially start. It is on that note we think of Sarah as we think of the complexities of our bodies and how they inter-operate to channel the life force of life on a continual basis. It was all of our seventy five trillion cells working together in unison, in harmony, in a concerted effort to keep us strong, and healthy and happy. Our human body does everything for a reason and knowing that everything it does is for our own highest good. In truth, each of our cells is an entity, each cell is composed of twenty thousand life units. When one cell is in trouble, every cell is in trouble. When one cell is in pain, every cell is in pain. There are no differentiations between each cell, what it knows and what it can do. Each cell is uniquely different, each cell is exquisitely the same. A paradox of errors that speak excellence in the little nuances of daily living. So I honored Sarah not only for her volunteering but for her knowing to want change.

You have to be about change to speak of peace. There has to be peace within. There is a knowing that a common bonds of love and justice and truth are the bonds of freedom that become our common link for a better tomorrow. We close our eyes and think of what we want and what is really important. I ride my bike, I walk down the supermarket aisles, I think of all those around me, those before me, and those that I don't even know. I see myself as Sarah sees herself, we are not only responsible for ourselves, we are responsible for each other. There is a need to understand that what goes on the inside also goes on the outside. There is no difference. The many ills of today's society like war, depression, and poverty are all symptoms of a diseased body -- a body lacking in nutrients and overrun with chemicals that are too numerous to mention.

I choose my words. I choose what I eat. I am honored that on the next morn I stand not alone. We have become a nation of going to work the next morn for a reward that reeks of no internal value. We are a nation where books have been replaced by the almighty television. A nation where public pressure guides our internal thought for every word and for every action. A nation where the only cure can be represented by how much money is raised. It is on this note that I write of anger. I write of disgust. I write of so many thoughts. We have become a nation where heart attacks have become all too common. This fact stands out so glaringly since it has only been around fifty years ago when heart disease did not exist. The same period of time when breast cancer effected one in twenty woman and girls hit their puberty at age 16 to 17 years of age not 10 to 12 years. All these changes in our health are occurring. All these diseases, more and more are happening with each age, each gender, and each child becoming more and more prone to the ills of today society. It has reached a point that brain cancer is the number 1 killer of children today. 

It has been quoted by Brian Clemmens that the truth seekers demand answers of why. We anxiously await Sarah for she is ready to take responsibility not only for her health but also for those around her. I think of all the nurses giving the pills to all those people. There are no questions since it is a given and common knowledge that medication is good for you. Says who? How does it know where to go? Is there a mini camera within the pill that enables it to drive through the arteries at a rate of 98,000 miles per second? There's an internal bonding between the 75 trillion cells that unilaterally work together in unison against the harmful effect created by the invasion of the meds. Does anyone actually believe that meds can make us better? Can the medication that will actually harm a healthy person make that same person healthy when they are sick? Does it make sense? I think of Sarah. I think of her mom. I think of her job at an old age home. I remember her words of not liking giving out all these meds to each patient. Like candy coated lead that eventually robs our internal youth built so long ago. Does there become a bond between mother and daughter to do the right thing? Is there a communication to be of service? To worry not of doing what gives reward but what has value. Sarah has learned her lesson well: to be of service is doing what feels good inside.

I write frantically, I write with peace and presence - I write of 100 stories of success and pleasure of being in peace. I write of 100 customers who found their truth of what it takes to be open and just enjoy who they really are. I write of Sarah, who will drive 45 minutes to volunteer - to do whatever it takes... whether cleaning the dishes, cleaning the floor, or just capturing the moment of a customer sharing their story of what it takes to be free.

I thank you for your time. Arnold