October 28, 2003    Remove the cause...


It became the glory of yesterday
It became the pride of today
Three men standing side by side
Each not knowing what the other knew
Words were stated, voices heard
All becomes well when we seek the truth inside


It was a Tuesday evening when I sought my words to write, to share, to gain insight that feeds the fire within my soul. Today like any other day has its own particular highlights. Stories of ironic conception  - stories of make believe, stories that, if they weren’t so true, so real so utterly unbelievable that I, knowing what I know, would be forced to hide behind a brick wall and cry.


On the eve of the night before morn I chose not to write about National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many woman of many colors, sizes and professions are being asked to show support for the cause of raising money to fight against breast cancer thru research, thru better drugs, thru earlier detection


I chose not to mention Dr. Neil Barnard’s book Food for Life, which on page 68 states that Imperial Drug Corporation is the maker of Tamoxiphen, the drug used in the fight against Breast Cancer. Imperial Drug Corporation is also the main contributor for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Is there a collusion of great minds here? Is there a win/win scenario here that creates a conscious awareness for both sides? Is the Imperial Drug Corporation willing to release all information that will not only cure breast cancer but also prevent it?


Are we dealing with a stacked deck in that, because Imperial Corporation is the major contributor they also have the right to censure any or all published material that may directly affect their earning potential.  These are the seeds of American business. These are the seeds of guiding growth potential and determining how big of a market place there is.  In other words Imperial Drug Corporation will not allow the information that dealt with how dietary choices have been shown to directly reduce the incidence of Breast Cancer. 


What am I saying? What I wish could be yelled, screamed or whatever it takes to get this information out to the public. My feelings are so vivid about this so-called cancer scare that I decided not to dwell on this issue. I also decided not to dwell on Dr Kristine Knofti’s book, The Raw Food Treatment of Cancer, which specifically focuses on breast cancer and how it disappears on a raw food diet. That simple, that pure, that easy with no drugs no tests no surgical removal and no money necessary for research.


These are the facts. This is the information that needs to be shared. These are not made up sentences, made up from a pseudo-intellectual whose prose and poetic lines would never reach the pages of any national newspaper, let alone into mainstream consciousness. My friends, I speak from the heart. I speak of my daughters.  I speak of my wife. I speak to you on that level. There is a collusion of policy that is in total blindness, refusing to hear any facts other than those already known. This is a policy of information that affects millions of lives, costs millions of dollars. Are we as a nation, as a city, as individuals are being blindly led down a path where there are no winners or losers?


In this newsletter I not only focus on women but also on men. The same thought process that created the bionic bonds between the drug companies, insurance companies and the medical community are being spoon-fed to men in great bowls of continuous misconceptions. I see it. I feel it. I know it. I understand it.


 The air that creates this total misrepresentation is the same thought process that in my mind flows into the heart and soul of the three men mentioned earlier. All three are different. All three are the same. All three were faced with serious a health issue and all three chose their path. I think of Robert De Niro, who was diagnosed with prostrate cancer and will be treated medically. I think of my conversation with Robert 2, a local area man who also was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. I think of me who, just past my 56th birthday and knowing what I know, would never have to worry about this dreaded disease. All three of us are different. All three are the same. All three of us are willing participants in the game of life.


Robert De Niro, whose age I do not know but whose claim to fame on this particular morning was not because of his status as a movie star, but as a man who was just diagnosed with prostrate cancer. His words on this dreaded disease would forever be imbedded in his soul, in his every footstep, in his every word. He would become a prostate survivor Heaven to Betsy.


I watch in slight astonishment as I see the newsflash being printed across the bottom of the morning show. I, being over 56 do not understand. The words, the reasons, the why. How would one know if they have prostrate cancer if there are no tests? How would one know they have prostrate cancer if there are no words for it? Hard to fathom  but in those countries which do not eat the items which cause it, it is just that way.


Everything that I read, everything that I have studied, has pointed to the typical American diet such as meat, dairy, eggs, cheese and processed foods not only as a cause, but as the only cause. Stop partaking of those foods and switch to an all fruit and vegetable diet and a little exercise and the prostrate cancer generally disappears.


Remove the cause and the body can heal itself. Are the powers that be aware of these facts?  If I am, are they?  Do they want to know?  Is it to anyone’s advantage that this information be shared? Do the makers of the drugs that treat prostrate cancer want to hear of a better, cheaper and less invasive way? What would happen to their business? What would happen to the medical community if we could treat this disease with apples and bananas?  Would the treatment of choice always be the same? What would happen to all those tests? What would happen to all those drugs? What would happen to all those medical degrees? What would happen to a system that is geared for the treatment of symptoms, for surgery and for chemicalized solutions?  Is the system ready to SHARE?  I dare not think. 


Are the makers of the medications for prostrate cancer, for breast cancer willing to listen, to accept that there is a better way that these dreaded diseases could be reversed such as a simple change of diet? Do I dare mention the Colin Campbell Report where 600,000 thousand people in China were studied in depth on their dietary lifestyle? It was discovered that in those provinces that ate a mostly raw vegan diet, cancer was almost non existent and cancer increased proportionately to the increase of their meat intake.   


Do I keep my silence on these facts? Do I dare write to the newspaper saying they just made a mistake, saying no money is necessary to beat any cancer? That no one has to walk or run to beat these dreaded diseases. Would they dare listen? Would anyone listen or would everyone continue do what they have been taught to do- take a pill. I am a simple soul with no degree, no letters behind my name indicating a medical specialty. Do I dare say another word?


I hold my silence except for the word in print, except for espousing these words of concern to all those willing to ask. I have no choice in the matter. I have to write no matter how badly composed, no matter how badly or ill rhythmically rhymed. I have to do what I have to do. There needs to be an awakening of just one among us within the consciousness of many. Change does occur. We need to share this truth. We need to speak the words of healing from a deeper source, make a more powerful choice that breeds love not contempt and that breeds hope and vitality.


I spoke of three men, not two. I spoke of two Roberts, not one. I spoke of I, not me.

I speak of choices. I speak of action. I speak in gentle tones to be taken, to be absorbed and to be shared. I scream. I run from block to place from place to block. My language does not change. Remove the cause and the body will heal itself. I close my eyes and hear the words of Dr.George Malkamus in his video, Sick and Tired, stating “that within six months 90% of any disease just disappears on a raw food diet”.


I think. I am. I learn to climb the walls of make believe, that all things are possible if the will is strong enough. Robert II heard those same words of Robert Di Niro. The words of such strong strangulation, causing any so called sane man to act quickly, responsively and in a way that has been geared in the hearts and souls of the American public. To listen to the wise words of the medical profession, to take all the tests, to begin taking medications and when all else fails to go under the knife and then become a prostrate cancer survivor. Robert II in his pre-awakening days may have chosen an operation, the so-called gamut of financial reverberation that resonates with each acceptance of the medical diagnosis.


Robert II might have chosen these medical truths. Instead he chose self empowerment. He chose his truth, chose what will be best for his body. Robert II thru lifestyle changes including a mostly raw vegan raw diet, rebounding exercise and a strong belief in his healing ability day in and day out, was not only to beat prostrate cancer but also to recapture the youth of his life. Each Robert chose his path, chose what he thought was best for him. There is no right or wrong. For all intended purposes when one chooses a path, that is their path. Robert Di Niro selected the medical treatment for prostrate cancer. He chose the path that was given to him by the powers that be. He chose the tests and maybe the so-called harmless operation. He was not given any other method of treatment. That is my guess. These are the facts that I hear over and over when I hear of any disease for which the treatment of choice by the medical field is to cut, medicate or chemicalize.


These are the choices of healing? These are the choices that we as a society have been taught. We have been asked to run, to walk and to give so we can continue the perpetration of false hope in searching for a cure.


My friends, there is a better way. A way that is free of all outside medical influence. It is a way that is so easy that by its very vibration it becomes one of the most difficult decisions that we as a people ever faced. It is a way, according to most scientific evidence, which espouses purity, excellence and freedom to be free of all diseases. There is so much information that espouses eating a mostly raw fruit and vegetable diet, free of all processed food including meat, dairy and cooked grains. As stated by Dr Joel Fuhrman, “In those countries whose diet is a mostly raw-vegan diet, cancer is almost non existent”.  

This is the truth, which is not publicized to the general public. It is this information that is not shared, not expressed and not publicized. Is there a reason why? There are no accidents of innocent forgetfulness. It is a conscious choice for this information to be squashed in not allowing the public to be aware or at least given a choice in treatment. It is just that way.

I, as a simple soul, continue on my dietary choices of 100% raw, not for entertainment, not to appease others but to do what is right for me. There exists a mindful consciousness that is my truth. Within that same vane I exercise, I write, I sing and I run an organic vegetarian cafe - whatever it takes to share the possibilities of self-empowerment.


   I take these words and share them with you, the reader, to enjoy, to criticize, to do whatever you wish. Go find your quest for that 100% truth of who you are and what is best not only for yourselves but for each other.  I thank you for your time.




Weekly Events and Guest Lecturers



v     Sat. Nov 1st from 10:30 to 12 pm Matt Goodman- Conqueror of M.S., walker of 15oo miles,  author, motivational speaker will be speaking at our store. There will be an 8 dollar charge.  My food  prep class will be from 8:15 to 9:45  Normal cost is 10 dollars(15 for both) Registration is required


v     Nov8th 10:30 to 12 Eric Dougan will be sharing his thoughts on how to get a better night sleep and how this effects our body, our life, our healing process. The cost is free.  Registration is required


v    Tuesday November 25th at 6:30pm to 9:30Pm Cost $25.

 Doctor Douglas Gram, one of the premiere raw food authorities, will be in     attendance at our store. Doctor Gram and Professor Rozalind Grubin will present one of the most elegant and dynamic expressions of raw truths in the world today. Come be inspired to greater levels of vibrant/healthful living. This will sell out quickly. Limited seating.


v     Every Saturday 8:15 am to 9:45 am Arnold gives a free delicious breakfast lecture on raw food and healing. Come listen and share why the 24 thousand diseases medically diagnosed are for the most part caused by lifestyle choices. Come feel the passion. Come see of the results. Why raw food? Why not? Pre-registration is required.


v     Last Saturday of the month 8:15 am to 9:45 am Arnold gives a non-cooking prep course on how to make meals in five minutes or less. Learn how to make cookies, cakes, spaghetti, burgers, shakes, and steaks - all raw, all good for you.


v    Every Sunday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm we host a raw food support group for healing for an alternative medical option for sharing for just being there. If you know of someone who would be interested in an alternative lifestyle approach who or would be interested in slowly getting rid of their dependence on medication or who just wants to feel great and healthy and vibrant please bring to the support group.


Michelle Lawrance who is temporarily a staff member at our store for the next two months will be giving a series of classes both on physical fitness and raw cuisine preparation.


v     Every Monday and Thursday 9am to 10am in Oct, and Nov. she will be having Yamuna body rolling classes. Pre-registration is required. Minimum attendance required is four sessions. This is necessary to realize the full impact of Yamuna body rolling. $50




Our café is not only 100% raw, it is now almost all organic. We now are able to share our produce with the consumer that costs that can only be dreamed of by most supermarkets. Our produce can be bought field fresh from the farmers in Lancaster County at 15% above our cost (by the case). With next day delivery! Orders will be taken either Monday by 12am or Thursday by 12 am. All orders have to be prepaid by credit card (can be done via the phone). Otherwise we have a nice organic selection, for which we charge 30% above cost. As an example: avocados are only $1.29 each, roma tomatoes $1.39 a pound, five pound bag of carrots $3.85, fugi apples $1.39 a pound. These prices will compare favorably with conventional prices at your local supermarket. We need your support to continue doing this, as well as to expand our line. Organic fruits and vegetables is the way!


Arnold’s up-coming musical CD should be finished in two months time. It is about eating your nine fruits and vegetables every day. It is geared towards children and an inspiration for adults. Who wants to hear someone who can’t sing, extol the virtues of vegetables and fruit? It is in this spirit that Arnold gives free concerts as well as free samples to any school classroom upon request. Right now we can only cover a thirty-minute range from the Lansdale area.


To make life easier, Food for Life is now offering organic meals available on Tuesday and Friday. Each week, on Sunday evening, they can email you a different menu. To place orders call Joel (267-992-9929)


One last thing, Arnold and Michelle will be offering a yoga/ raw food prep weekend retreat in lovely Iveland, in a beautiful setting of sixty acres beginning Friday Nov. 14th at 7:30pm to Sunday Nov. 16th cost $175.00 per room per person or $125.00 for camping. Cost is all-inclusive. Includes meals, yoga, food prep classes, and just having fun.

            I thank you for your time.