October 26, 2001    Incontinence


Children running quietly through the woods
 Trees falling without a care
A tear shed, a blush without remorse
 Rain drops of human despair
 Rivers of untold sadness
The worry, the loss of face
 Why is urine flowing so freely?
I cry, I hope, I wish for no more

As this sentence looks for structure, the energy begins the quest for the answers to the questions from what is, to what was, to what can be.  This week's topic, if you hadn't guessed, deals with incontinence.  It's one of those long-winded words that gives me the creeps just by saying it - yuck! So why would I write about it?  Not by choice.  As a man of quiet destiny I surrender this week's topic as well as last week's.  I stop right there. Last week was my choice, school lunches.  Talk about endless material.  I could have written a book on one meal alone!

It's Friday night.  We, meaning, I, begin researching incontinence.  My table, as always, is filled with at least 15-20 resource books.  As I begin searching there were only 2 books that even mention incontinence.  One is Alternative Medicine, which was written by 380 leading physicians.  Their combined information was a 70-word blurb that describes incontinence.  So, on that note we begin our quest to research the causes of incontinence and the healing possibilities for curing incontinence.  For me that means a layman (that's me!) who allocates approximately 10 hours every week to discovering the cause, the treatment, and the lifestyle needed to create wellness from within.  I am talking about practically any disease, including incontinence.

Alternative Medicine defines incontinence as "Loss of urine, not while urinating, without warning."  For those of you who are trying to understand, it is what it is.  The sufferers of this illness not only deal with the disease but with the embarrassment.  It is a disease that almost demands either an extra pair of clothes, a handy bathroom, and/or wearing diapers. Associated Medicine states that the main reason for incontinence is either bladder dysfunction or lax muscle tissues.  This is caused by child birthing, aging, or fibroid on the tumors.  The good news is no drug therapy was recommended.  Keep in mind this is an alternative medicine, so there are other options, you would think.  Unfortunately, the only treatment was stated was surgical.  "Incontinence may be successfully treated with simple surgical procedures if the problem becomes severe enough and decreases the quality of life."

There was no mention of diet; there was no mention of jumping on a trampoline, which is an exercise, I discovered, that provides another path to healing.  So let's assume we trust the doctors.  Let's assume that diet or exercise is not a factor.  Let's assume we take this simple procedure. Incontinence affects mostly women, and they are the ones who need this "simple procedure."  From this point I paraphrase Anna Innez, who runs a health education center and has treated incontinence among many other diseases without drugs, without surgery, without side effects, without anything other than our body's innate wisdom for healing.  Anna described examples of what happens when the a woman enters the operating room.  First, she has to be put to sleep for what is considered a simple procedure by 380 leading physicians.  This simple procedure would be considered barbaric by women if they knew the steps involved in the procedure, if they knew about the other healing options, and if they knew that only 50% of these operations are successful.  You would think somebody, anybody would give them (women) another option.

Not the case.  She, let's call her Phyllis, lies down.  In order to get to the bladder they need to go through an opening, which is the vagina.  In order to see what they are doing they need a special instrument with a light.  It's a long instrument used for this simple procedure.  According to Anna, they (meaning doctors) also need long scissors, which are necessary to cut the sphincter muscles that control the flow of urine.  So they begin.
Before anything starts, Phyllis has to be put to sleep.  Otherwise, this operation would never work.  She also has to be numbed so if any internal organs are accidentally cut, by mistake, she wouldn't feel it.  The operation begins.  Phyllis is asleep and her vagina has to be open as wide as possible so all these instruments can go in so that the doctors can see the muscles, cut them, pull what has to be pulled out, tuck what needs to be tucked, and then sew what has to be sewn.  Therein lies the answer, and only 50% of all operations of this type according to Anna Innez are successful. I don't know about all the ladies reading this, but as a guy my initial reaction would be to cross my legs!  "Hello, Women!  Stop the Insanity!" This is the 21st century.  I say this with kindness, with hope, with love, and with anger, for these procedures are not simple.  They are invasive. They are meant to imprison not empower, to weaken one's female worthiness not strengthen her spiritual awareness.  Anna Innez stated, "If you want to get butchered and drugged then go through this option.  Otherwise, take responsibility and find out what causes incontinence.  Get educated.  Go to Arnold's or call me (70-739-2940)."

The questions remain.  If we hold back on the operation, what are the options?  What are the causes?  What are the healing possibilities? Alternative Medicine states that bladder dysfunction and/or lax muscle tissue are the main causes of incontinence.  To get a better understanding of the bladder we turn to the book called World Medicine written by Tom Monte.  He describes the bladder as a "muscular spherically shaped sac
located behind the pubic bone.  It is lined with mucous membrane and has walls comprised of 3 layers of tough muscle.  Because of this unique structural design, it is able to expand and contract, able to hold urine, which is released from the kidney.  It is able to accept all this waste fluid and then extract it when the bladder is full.  The average bladder holds up to a pint of urine and gets released from 3 to 8 times per day."

According to World Medicine, bladder control develops in children after the age of 3-4 years, since before this time the nerve cells haven't fully developed.  As one matures so does development of the nervous system, spinal cord, and brain.  In adults, if the system has fully developed, the bladder, when it is completely filled with urine, will send signals through the spinal cord to the brain saying, "There is now a pint of urine in the bladder.  Please send signals back down to the urethra through the spinal cord to release the sphincter muscles."  These in turn will release the urine held in check by the sphincter muscles.  We take a step back and grasp this body's intelligence.  Everything our bodies do is out of love for our being.  There are no words to describe this continual act of human kindness. There is intelligence in everything we do from a conscious level of speaking to an unconscious level of uncontrolled peeing.  As we educated our intellect we can also re-educate our sphincter muscle through diet, through exercise, through understanding that the power that God, Universal Force, or what have you, has given us, his people, his children, his love, is a right for life with all the tools necessary for exquisite health from the time of birth to the time of death.  From opening our mouth to learning to say words we need to right environment, the right language, the right food, the right exercise.  So we listen, we read, we educate ourselves about the proper choices to cure incontinence not treat it forever.

So we hold this statement temporarily while we search through the Merck Manual 17th edition, which took 7 years to write, fills almost 2,655 pages, and is the most widely used medical text in the world.  Written by over 200 authors, me, myself, and I in our 6 hours of researching become inundated within the first 5 minutes.  How much information there is on incontinence! There were 10 pages devoted to its cause, treatment, and diagnosis.  But, there was no cure, no diet change, and almost no mention of diet and no mention of exercise.

I see the 10 pages.  I see the many sections.  I begin to feel a little overwhelmed, a little perplexed, a little out of my league.  I close my eyes and see all these words, all these drugs used, and with my eyes closed I look for strength to find the wisdom to choose the right words to express the many possibilities without so many drugs, so many side effects, so many choices.  With all these possibilities, there is one clear choice.

So in our quest for truth we retrace our footsteps in those medical texts, in the alternative text, and in the raw food texts of how to treat incontinence without any drugs or surgery.  The answer still arrives in the same quaky verbiage manner than demands elimination without complications. I suddenly notice the smallest book on the table.  It's the least impressive but is able to give such an important answer to the cure of a disease.  But now I have to stop and sleep.

It's 6am the next day.  I'm ready with the small book.  It's called Rebounding to Better Health by Linda Brooks, certified reboundologist.  It gives the clearest definition and the easiest solution with an easy to reach time frame for becoming symptom free of incontinence.  She states, "The answer lies in strengthening the sphincter muscles that control the flow of urine from the bladder."

So we once again review the medical options, the Merck Manual options, the 10 pages written in medicalese.  It's the drugs options and the surgical options.  We look at the treatment, which includes the schedules of what to take and when.  We think about the complex surgical procedures and all those instruments that have to go up the vagina for a 50% success rate.  Or we can continue reading what Linda Brooks, certified reboundologist has to say. "Rebound exercise is cellular.  It strengthens the cells of the sphincter muscles building increased control of the bladder within 2 weeks." Hallelujah.  So, before you women jump for joy, which is exactly what you do in rebounding, we first have to explain what rebounding is in the simplest of terms.  Rebounding is jumping on a mini-trampoline.  This simple exercise strengthens the immune system because it works on three levels of cleansing thought the gravitational pull-down.  Linda Brooks states, "This is the only exercise that will stimulate the cells of your internal organs, veins, and arteries as well as bones and muscles, while increasing circulation and flushing the lymphatic system."  It's that simple.

The other only thing besides an 85% raw diet that Anna Innez, health educator on fasting and healing, recommended when asked about incontinence was rebounding.  She suggested 2 rebounding techniques that would strengthen the sphincter muscles.

1) While on the rebounder, squat as if you are sitting on a chair keeping your spine straight and jump 25 times several times a day.

2) Sit on a rebounder with your legs in a U shape.  Jump on your butt with your arms up.  Easier said than done, but according to Anna Innez, within 2 to 4 weeks the sphincter muscle will have tightened, and incontinence will be a thing of the past.

Keep in mind this is in addition to a change in diet to 85% raw.  There is absolutely no way around that.

What does a diet that is 85% raw look like?  Briefly, fruit in the morning or nothing and lunch and dinner consisting of plenty of salads, with nuts and/or avocado as the fat portion of the meal.  Anna Innez or myself are willing to talk about it in and have paperwork, which discusses this in further detail.

The other method I discovered, which has been used successfully in treating incontinence is the Kegel method.  Dr. Arnold Kegel, a professor of obstetrician and gynecology at UCLA created a set of exercise for preventing and treating incontinence.  These exercises are geared towards women who are pregnant or have just given birth.  However, they can be used by anyone, including men.

Here are the Basic Steps, which have been taken from World Medicine.

1) Practice controlling by slowing down the urine flow and ten stopping it. This should be done 6-8 times while urinating.

2) Practice relaxing and contracting the same muscles throughout the day. Hold the contraction for several seconds and then relax.  Do this exercise from 50 to 100 times a day.

3) Contract the pelvic floor during lovemaking.

World Medicine states that these exercises are widely taught at childbirth classes and have helped millions of women regain control of the muscle that controls urination.

In summary, there are choices ranging from the simplest to the more complex. We at Arnold's Way hopefully presented them in an interesting and somewhat in depth way.  We are not doctors.  The only thing we do is share information.

On that note, thank you for your time.



World Medicine by Tom Monte
Anna Innez, Fasting and Health Educator
Merck Manual 17th edition
Alternative Medicine
Rebounding for Better Health by Linda Brooks

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