October 18, 2002    Bread


Flight of the lone bird soars
Wildly in the vast open space
A lone child eats the cereal and milk
That was placed so lovingly before him
There are no questions—what is truth, what is lie

The baby seeks his maturity within the confines of the colorful toys, boxes and the like. A young girl reacts sincerely for the almond coated bagel that demands to be eaten. Cream cheese is sold—butter too.

Watch the monkey climb the trees, swing from branch to leaf.

The questions asked are the lies given. A holder of truth shys away.

Many cries for freedom, many thoughts of what could be.

The young girl smiles, the baby cries in pain. Does anyone really think that white glue can be labeled healthy bread?

It is the beginning of the week where topics have to be chosen, words written, books studied, and a sense of reality needs to be shared. This week is not like any other. I write not of disease but of hope, not of fear but of freedom. I write not of any choice, but of choices. As I look around with eyes opened, I'm appalled, I am ashamed and in total disbelief. How can such pertinent information be so glaringly clear to me yet so hidden within the bushes of gray clouds and soggy shades for so many not to see? I think, I ponder, I vision, I think of clueless, I think of glue on the brain, I think of why me?

Are we a nation raising our children on synthetic mush without a word of dissent? Can we as a nation be so far disillusioned that nothing is believable and everything so necessary for food is not needed by our soul?

We open the books, we read the headlines, and we keep our mouths shut. There is money to be made, places to see, but in reality nothing to eat. This week's topic is bread, a supposedly harmless subject, and a supposedly innocuous food item that we partake as food almost religiously two to four times a day. Bread, a supposedly harmless food, that when consumption is stopped, detoxification begins. As quoted in Grain Damage by Douglas N. Graham D.C. "It is common for people to experience severe cravings for refined grain products and often binge on them". There are more words of acute understanding that undermine the necessity of bread. There are more words that deplore why bread is so anti-health and its many implications when eaten. As quoted by Douglas Graham D.C., "When starches are consumed, people wake up the next day and go through unpleasant periods of feeling foggy, hung-over, or sedated". It is on these words we start our research. It is on these words we begin to read the labels more carefully. It is on these words that we begin to understand that just because it's called a food, may not be necessarily so. It is on these words that we question just because everybody eats it; it may not necessarily be good for our internal organism.

We scan our kitchen your kitchen and my kitchen does it really matter? We are all buying into the malarkey of creative advertisement. We see the spaghetti box, "thin spaghetti – 9, an enriched macaroni product. Is the spaghetti ready to eat? Is the box ingredients properly prepared for our consumption? Has our mind been properly programmed to bypass the listed ingredients, bypass the way it was made, bypass how long it was stored, bypass how much energy it took to harvest the wheat? How many chemicals were used in its ertilization? The final reality is that "bread simply does not exist in nature". It is on this premise that we begin reading the ingredients. Semolina, I assume that's a form of wheat. As an unconscious public one would also assume that it is nutritious to eat. As quoted in "God's Way to Ultimate Health" by George H. Malkamus, "now the flour is ready, but it contains zero fiber and zero nutrition". As a conscious consumer do I care or do I continue reading? Is the spaghetti mouth watering enough that I simply bypass the nutritional content? Keep in mind we are dealing with what is truth, what is lie. If what I think—does that necessarily mean its true?

We are human beings composed of trillions of cells and quadrillions of life units all synchronistically working together for our betterment. There is never a mistake. The question has to be asked, would our brain, which is the central of all those life units, allow this man-made flour into our system? It has to be categorized as a non-food. Semolina, the active ingredient simply cannot be eaten in the raw state. In fact, there are no natural grain eaters in the animal kingdom. So, we look for further evidence which would justify we as a people, as a country, as a nation, ingest any grain prepared food concoction, like our most popular staples of good living—our breads, pasta, pretzels or pizza. We ignore the so-called nutritional findings and look at the spaghetti box for further evidence of why spaghetti, why now, why buy me? In order—"niacin (ferrous sulfate), thiamin, mononitrate riboflavin, folic acid". My mouth waters with disgust, my brain flagellates with undisputable harm, my heart is rendered helpless as these choices are chosen. My mind wanders aimlessly in discombobulated disillusionment, why no one, not only doesn't question, but also grandly splurges for the opportunity to gorge in this grain. As to my reading, grain in the raw state is not only not edible, as quoted again in "Grain Damage", "did you ever try to eat even a tablespoon full of flour"? It is, as quoted again, "a poison is always poisonous regardless of the dose". These are strong statements, not for support of eating our standard American diet but for understanding. Those Wednesday nights "All you can eat" spaghetti dinners are just glue full symphonys of ingesting paste; sore tummies that can't master their way out of a paper bag. We as the duped gladly pay for the privilege. I wonder if the ingredients were read would it make a difference if the public knew the huge amount of energy required. The land must be prepared, planted, fertilized, sprayed, watered and eventually harvested. You would think after the end of all these processes that the grain would be ready for human consumption. My friends, there is no natural born grain eater! The reason lies not in its taste, which at best could be labeled unpleasant and bitter, but in its nutritional value. As quoted again in "Grain Damage", "they are deficient in protein and nutrients".

These are the words I read, these are the words I see. I think of Dr. George H. Malkamus in "God's Way to Ultimate Health", as he explains bread with its "zero fiber and zero nutrition". As quoted, "the bread maker puts into this dead fiberless nutritionally void substance some artificial coal tar derived vitamins and minerals". These are words of anger that have to be understood. These are words of understanding that hopefully promotes action, that hopefully would make one think twice before they bought a box of spaghetti whose ingredients have so-called 3 or maybe 4 which may or may not be coal derived minerals. Is there a dummy in the house? I look around and see the bread on the counter. I read the ingredients of the spaghetti that was in my closet. What am I doing? I reach for the black trash bag and wait until no one is around and then dump it!

These are my questions, these are my answers, this is my research. I want to know why bread should not be eaten!

In "Freeing Yourself of Energy Draining Influence" by Susan Hazard, what is stated oh so many times, "we are continually weakened by frequent assaults upon ourselves from anything at all other than our biologically correct diet". Using this as a basis we review her opinion on cereal and starch. It is not only unsupporting, it is a warning. Can there be a "eat at your own risk" on all bread, cereal, spaghetti labels? I think not—it is too unpolitically incorrect. We read the facts, "whole wheat alone will not sustain life, health and growth"; that simple, that pure. We read further as if needed, "phytic acid found in cereal grains (especially wheat) forms an insoluble compound with calcium-calcium phytate which presents the absorption of calcium".

We review the words of Dr. Herbert Shelton as quoted " We have learned that all cereals have certain defects which may be looked upon as characteristics of these nutrients". These are the words that are sleazily frowning in high gloss velocity of sheer panic. I wonder about my Wonderbread as a child. I think of a red face little boy as he just finished a mound of spaghetti. Do I keep silent and bade him farewell or do I take action? I think of the young teen and all those soft pretzel days where memories and food rode silently together. I keep silent around the family get-togethers while everybody reaches for the bread. Are there mass pieces of unresolved lunacy lurking in our heavily guarded brain? These are questions asked with the answers already known. Do we as a people become powerless in the presence of bread products? Do we run wildly between the aisles glancing at every ingredient of every item? Can we as a people ever forgive the pretzel maker, the potato chip maker and even the poor cookie maker? Are we forced to read books like, "Beating the Food Giant" by Paul Stitt who systematically destroys the very soul of the untouchables in the food world? Who systematically brings out the very essence of what grain food makers really do with food, as quoted, "The food companies spend millions in surveys and laboratory research to divine the consumer's hot buttons and millions more in development research to exploit what they perceive to be the needs of the people". Paul Stitt continiues in his glorification of the slick and the sick entrapment of the food giants, what is real, what is false, what really are we as a people buying, "boil-in-bag glop, gravy that comes in a stick, cheese flavored tart in a hermatically sealed plastic cup, vegetable oil in a spray can and dozens of others such freakish fares are the end result of the company's concern for your eating habits". I hold my breath and let that foul stench of word retaliation clear the air, for there is war, there are chemicals like International Multifood Merlinex whose main ingredients are just that, chemicals. In his book, "Eat Your Heart Out" by James Hightower, describes them as the "silly putty of the food world". Creating chemicals to taste like real food, "from cheese to brownies".

There is war in our intestinal tracks. There are zillions of cells in battle fighting the enemy from within. There are victors and there are losers. To say that disease is rampant in the United States would be an understatement! Disease IS the United States, period. One out of every two people die of heart disease, known fact, four out of ten people die of cancer, known fact. No one dies of natural causes in a hospital surrounding should be a known fact. What is also known is that "bread simply does not exist in nature". As I write this I'm on a warpath, not only from myself but also for myself. In the real world it's mad consumption. So, I pass the McDonalds, drive by the Taco Bell, the Burger King, do not feel tempted by the Boston Chicken, pizza places or fried fish alleys; but, I stand alone, for what else is there? I focus my eyes not narrowly but upwardly; to see not what is, but what could be. We are a nation of strangers that gather hope in the forces of possibilities. We learn from what we read rather than see what's outside. I look outward upon sky blue and I just know. I look outward towards the trees growing upward and I feel not only blessed but also troubled. We are living in a world where there are no accidents inside our bodies nor outside. We live in a world where our teachers are torn down to be used for something that was never intended to be. We live in a country that has 5% of the world's population yet uses 30% of its resources. We live in a country where greed runs rampant and debt mounts. There are answers to be given; there are answers that can be shared.

As we eat the bread, void of minerals, enzymes, and essential vitamins the chemical configuration has to travel somewhere within our body, our brain, our essence. Somewhere along these lines our brain has to receive the input of impure chemicals. Our brain, which is our life force between death and dying receiving all these chemicals has to have some kind of effect. One person receiving these chemicalized thoughts day-in, day-out, chemicalized food, soda, bread, coffee, salt, sugar, drugs, meat, chicken, the list goes on—there is an effect that not only affects me but also you. This my friend is the beginning of what I call disharmony and chaos in a perfect world of peace and harmony. What goes on inside also appears on the outside. Douglas Graham D.C. quotes, "optimum nutrition can only come from foods to which we are biologically adapted such as fruits and vegetables". It is on these words I rest my case. It is on these words I live by. It is on these words that I have no fear of getting—getting sick or just dying by surviving. As a 55 year young man almost no gray, no fat, some, but very few wrinkles, I literally rock. A young warrior looking to create change by being change, who sees the old walking and know they can be the young running, who sees children with their inhalers and knows they can be switched very easily to oranges and plums. As a truth seeker, there is plenty of truth that needs a closer look. There are just too many people who are getting sick and dying before their time.

So, I take the words of all these that came before me. I write, I listen; I share to seek my truth, what is real, what is lie. Who questions why bread can be so healthy with so little nutrients? Who questions why the word enriched became popular mainstream terminology for healthy? Who are the benefactors of this great deception? As an amateur medical researcher, I request you the reader do the same. Research…..all the answers are within, searching for a way to get out.

I thank you for your time,



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