October 17, 2001    School Lunches


Wretched screams.  Outlandish stories
Death in the hallways and hot dogs for sale.
  Merciful killings while cows are grazing, unaware
  A future of madness that stands alone
A story not of tomorrow's failure
  But today's hope
So reads what to eat at school lunches today

So begins this week's newsletter on school lunches.  For those of you who have been following my weekly articles, you may be wondering why school lunches would be a topic since it's not a disease.  Well, my friends, after researching such diverse topics as lupus, multiple sclerosis, colon cancer, migraines, plus many others, I have found that the seriousness of those are a drop in the bucket compared to not only what is taught but also what is given as a nutritious lunch in the average school today.  School lunches, as innocuous as they appear, as widely accepted and eaten are they are, are one of the most dangerous threats facing America today.  It sounds wild.  It sounds unbelievable.  It sounds so outlandish that to the reader, the very thought of continuing to read would be considered an insult to one's intelligence.

On this basis we at Arnold's Way begin this week's subject:  school lunches. We begin not with examining an average school meal, but by studying the enormous medical expenses, which are a consequence of eating these meals over and over.  This is where youths form the habits that become their common eating rituals for a lifetime.  These teachings about eating become the cornerstone to explain why medical expenses are beyond enormous.  The dollar amount is in the trillions.  The cost of diabetes type 2 alone is $138 billion annually.  What do these figures have to do with school lunches?  We scratch out heads and wonder.  We read the menu then understand it's like a who's who of American top ten fast food chains.  The all-start line up includes pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, milk and the so-called healthy items of apple juice, yogurt, and even milk.  To make these foods even more legitimate, all school lunches have to be approved by the American Medical Association.

So I stared at the meals, and I read the diabetes update from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which reports that from 1990-1998, "The incidence of diabetes rose between 30-70% for each age group."  I shudder at just the thought.  Being placed in the position of receiving either drugs or insulin for diabetes is simply because of ignorance about proper food choices from so long ago.  You would think some educators out there would say enough is enough.  If you have no health there is no wealth.  So the words are hushed as the market day raising funds for education specials come out.  We think and wonder at the price of ignorance.  We look at the specials, the chicken, the barbecue pork, the string cheese.  There's a whole page of tantalizing or despicable food choices, depending on who's reading it.  These were the fundraisers sponsored by school districts throughout the country.  I stare in disbelief.  If only those who think they know really knew what impact they make by allowing these advertisements to filter into the school system.   Do they know that these foods are loaded with fats and without enzymes?  We stop in disbelief.  Then our eyes focus on the daily school lunch options, which were wither meat, chicken, or fished based.  We see the headlines in the hygienic magazine Health Science, "Move over heart disease, Diabetes is on its way."  We begin reading the statistics.  "Sixteen million Americans suffer from diabetes, and within 25  years, it will rise to 50 million." 

These numbers are based on the fact that there are 625,000 (and rising) newly diagnosed cases each year.  Is there a correlation between good health and what we eat?  Diabetes is just one disease caused by poor dietary choices.  Do I dare ask what the medical establishment is thinking when they established these guidelines for school lunches?  I read Monday's breakfast, which is cinnamon glazed toast. Attacking this main course is a no-brainer.  It contains sugar and white flour (highly processed and void of nutrients, fiber, and enzymes).  We at Arnold's Way continue researching for descriptions of what happens when these chemicalized foods are removed from our diet.  Luck has arrived.  In England, the diabetes death rate dropped 50% during WWII.  This was due to food shortage, which practically eliminated white flour, sugar, excessive meat protein, and fats.

What does that mean to the medical establishment, the drug industry, the doctor's visits, and the hospitalization in dollars and cents in today's market?  In dollars and cents, it adds up to a loss of $48 billion.  It's a loss so great, so big.  Would they want anyone to know what to eat and what not to eat?

We study the recommendations for treating diabetes, we see the word epidemic became part of our everyday vocabulary, and as we investigate the implications of school lunch menus.  Can we all just open our eyes and see the reality of our choices?  Look at how many of today's children are considered overweight.  Do we shut our eyes and allow the school lunches to remain the same, to continue?  I daresay absolutely not!  I write.  I read. I see what must be done in order for these diseases to disappear.  Jeff Novick, M.S., states in his article, "Eat a diet predominantly of whole natural, unrefined, unprocessed plant foods that are low in fat and animal products."  If this message holds true and the school lunches are false, we then have to follow the logic that there must be a reason for this typical school menu to be so overloaded with meat and processed food.  My research continues, and the emphasis on fruit and vegetables as the main dietary choices repeats itself.  I scream as I read another study by the New England Journal of Medicine that reads, "Diabetics can significantly lower their blood sugar with medication."

But is this article about truth, healing, reversing diabetes, or changing the average school lunch?  I stare at the menu.  One thing is blatantly obvious.  Chicken is the main choice.  I question why?  In Raw Life by Paul Nison we study the journey of dead chicken.  After it is killed (and not gently - their heads are chopped off) all the feathers are taken off, all the blood is wiped away, and the cancerous tumors removed.  As an added bonus, "Any of the things you have cut off the chicken can be used for making hot dogs (that's another meal)."  The chicken's journey continues.

As I stopped briefly looking at the clock it's past midnight.  I weigh my options.  Should I continue or stop?  I'm on a roll; the table is loaded with magazines.  It's by chance that I am reading a new book called The Food Revolution:  How your diet can help save your life and the world.  The information comes pouring in.  There are eye-opening warnings about the evils of eating a meat, chicken, fished-based diet.  The very first word I seen in print that strikes a major chord is "dioxin."  The book defines it as, "an extraordinarily carcinogenic and perilous threat to the health and biological integrity of human beings and the environment."  It further states that 12% of human cancers are caused by dioxin.  To add further flame to an already burning heart, the EPA states, "95% of human dioxin exposure comes from read meat, fish, and dairy products."

But I am sure there is nothing to worry about.  Before any kids eat any meat in school it has to be approved by the American Medical Association.  So you would think they would do their homework.  We study the statistics and maybe kind of target that cancer is the leading cause of death of today's youth. Is there a correlation here?  We look at the fund raising product, and we shudder.  But can the school lunches be a step up?  No words are spoken as we catch a glimpse of a magazine dedicated to children who have diabetes. It's a 65-page magazine, which is distributed four times a year.

I read the articles.  I see the menu of the school lunches.  I scan food revolution.  I remember the readings in Raw Life, Food for Life, and Diet for a New America and ask, what is truth?  What is false?  It becomes hardly questionable.  I read Diabetic Magazine, which is sent to the school nurses. There are advertisements announcing the benefits of drug manufacturers or products associated with diabetes.  The likelihood of the magazine tooting a fruit and vegetable diet's horn as an alternative is slim to none.  In fact, there was ¼ page advertisement claiming that milk was not really a factor in juvenile diabetes.  So who are we to believe?

We study the average school lunch (no names are mentioned to protect the "innocent") of an Elementary School in a fairly well established middle-high class neighborhood.  You would think the school would be somewhat enlightened.  You would think they would have read some of previously mentioned books or at least checked the internet - www.notmilk.com (I think).  Anyway, everyday, milk is given not as a punishment but as a nutritional supplement to our children.  My children, your children, our children.

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine states, "Cow's milk protein stimulates the production of the antibodies, which in turn destroy the insulin producing pancreatic cells."  These words can't be mentioned in the magazine.  Who would advertise?  Then we remember that the school lunches have to be approved by the American Medical Association. What is their excuse?

And we scan the menu. Let's look at the 10 lunches; the main entrée in 9 of the meals is meat-based.  I stop briefly.  It's way past midnight, and I say to myself, "I'm not tired."  I finished my exercise by 10pm, the dished by 11pm.  I ate in between.  I'm ready.  The death of the chicken awaits my pen. Do I continue?  Yes.  The chicken is frozen, so we, the public, can eat it in its pure, succulent state.  The fact of the matter is that frozen chicken that's been decapitated, that is sold as the main course to our children, starts decomposing the moment it is killed.  The golden yellow changes to a purple bluish color two weeks later.  Yuck!  As stated in Raw Life, "Some of the deadliest dyes and food colorings known to man are used to fix up the chicken to look as close to its natural color as possible."

The second major obstacle that processors have to deal with is the stench from the dead chicken.  Paul Nison (who is going to be a guest speaker at our store November 3rd) remarks that more additives and strong perfumes are added to the chicken to cover up the smell.  At this point the chicken can be served as a fillet, perhaps as a nugget or soup, do not forget chicken fingers (talk about a sick society), and finally what about dipped chicken? So the menu is almost finished.  I close my eyes and think about all the chicken I ever ate.  All were dead, all were killed the same way, all were frozen, and all were consumed by me.  All of whose remains I ate.

So that's the chicken story.  I continue staring at the school lunch menu, which lists steak sandwiches, fish sandwiches, and pizza.  We analyze and divide.  We see the strong correlation between diabetes and diet through quotes like, "Diabetes is caused by the coating of the cells with cholesterol caused by the eating of animal products," which is taken from God's Way to Ultimate Health.  You would think the medical experts would be aware and somehow encourage more fruit and vegetable entrées.

I stare in disbelief at every breakfast main course.  Tuesday's is a sausage and cheese bagel.  Let's begin with the sausage.  How much saturated fat does it contain?  What type of awful experience did the cow have to suffer in order for someone to make sausage?  The laser gun, the big machete, the blood gushing, the long journey from the farm to a slaughterhouse.  The agony and pain, the torture the cow had to put up with so our children can eat it.  Do children know that the same cow we pet at the farm is destroyed so completely so that we can eat it or her without any qualms?  We then direct our energies to cheese.  Now cheese is formulated.  It starts with death as so vividly shown in Diet for a New America.  A female cow gives birth to a young calf, which is a time supposedly of celebration and rejoicing.  The farmer allows one day of weaning, one day for mother-child bonding, one day where the mother cow and baby calf can play, cry, laugh, and weep.  As this one day represents lifetime, the farmer then removes the calf from the mother and kills it.  The reason is that the baby calf's stomach contains a special enzyme called rennin that is used for making cheese.  The question remains.  Is our body, let alone a child's body, ready to handle all this death within it?  Is depression far away?  Is cancer rising statistically in our youth of today?

I look again at the school breakfast for a Tuesday morning.  Sausage, cheese, and last but not least a bagel or white flour and water.  Our grandmother used to call the combination glue.  The side effect is laziness. 90% of today's youth cannot pass the minimum fitness test.  The bagel has no nutrients, no fiber, and no enzymes.  What are the experts thinking when they say these foods are acceptable?  The fact that the breakfast contained canned peaches and pasteurized juices are an added bonus or an added source of bothersome ballyhoo that our stomachs have to deal with and dispose of in the cleanest manner possible.

So we look at the fruit juice once the word pasteurized is written. Everything that was once good within its purity is destroyed by heating. All the fiber is destroyed as well as the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes thereby leaving only the word juice and sugar as its sole grasp of its former representation.  We think about peaches.  Not that I have seen them, but I am guessing that they are more than likely from a can, processed, and sugar-loaded.  All this was one meal, one day, one hour.  Now multiple this meal by 10, and you have a two-week menu.  You have a reason to understand why the USA, which spends the most money on health care is ranked 24th in the world for life expectancy according to the World Health Organization.

You have reason to understand why the same medical experts which can approve the sausage and cheese bagel, canned fruit, and canned juice as nutritious are the same medical experts who stated in the July 26, 2000 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, "Doctors are the third leading cause of death in the US causing 225,000 deaths every year."

So we looked at Monday and Tuesday's main entrees, and we say maybe it's just the beginning of the week.  Things will get better.  Onto Wednesday. Donut or breakfast pizza?  I scream, I yell!  Which scientific journals are these so-called medical experts reading?  Are they attending Dunkin Donut University 101 or McDonald's home study 102?  Where are brains that realize the meaning of the correlation between all these diseases that are rampant among children today and what they are eating in school?  A Cornell University researcher states in the magazine Nature that everyday there is more and more research showing that fruits and vegetables provide more health benefits.

Essentially, there is no argument stating the whole fruit and vegetables are better for you.  Unfortunately there is no money in promoting it either.  As a health food storeowner, a bottle of a vitamins can range anywhere from $7-$50 with a shelf life of 1-3 years.  Related profit is from $3.5-$25 per bottle multiplied by 25-50 bottles a day in sales.  At the end of the day you have a nice day's worth of income.  That's only vitamins.  What about herbs, extracts, minerals, and enzymes?  The sale of wellness in a jar is endless.  No muss no fuss.  You would think knowing all that, I would choose that route rather than push apples where the profit rate is 35 cents per sale multiplied by 50 apples on a really good day.  That $15 in total retail sales would not keep people in business very long.  These are the reasons why a retail store really doesn't push food.  Luckily I also push bananas. I sell 1,000 lbs a week.  I push fruit and vegetables since I learn to adapt in the real world of pushing truth and exposing lies.  But what are the medical experts' excuses?  Why are they pushing meat, cheese, fish, bagels, and doughnuts?  These are no typo errors.  These are real menus for real children causing real diseases.

I can't tell anyone what to do, hot to act, or what to say.  But truth is truth.  If we continue our harmful eating habits the disease rate of today will be miniscule compared to what will exist tomorrow.  We as a people, as a nation have to take collective action to educate ourselves and those around us to create an influence.  We have to force those in the know, which have audacity to approve such despicable chemicals as worthwhile food because eating these types of foods has created such a havoc and disease in our nation's youth that a change must come starting from I and continuing with you.  As a team effort change will come one person, one group, one school at a time.

I thank you for your time.

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