October 15, 2003    Changing Dietary Lifestyle


It was the hour before midnight. It was the snooze before the big awakening. It was a time when everything seemed right and nothing was wrong. It was on these thoughts that I begin-begin to vent; begin to espouse; begin to ponder. Why life? Why me?

It’s a Saturday night where music becomes the sunny side of tomorrow’s haze, like a leftover pie that begs for another day. I choose these words carefully for I have other thoughts. I think of my phone conversation with Matt Goodman who just finished walking fifteen hundred miles of the application trail. Not only for the quest, not only for the glory, but for the information that he has earned the right to share.

Matt beat M.S. in five months on a hundred percent raw food diet. He had been suffering for eight years. So I think of our conversation, about the hope, the glory of what actually works for reversing M.S. What Matt said could work not only for M.S., but could work for reversing any disease. Matt understands. His body understands, and his goal is to do whatever it takes to spread the message that eating a hundred percent raw food diet could not only reverse your disease but make you a finely tuned lean mean fighting machine.

I struggle with the time, now approaching the other side of midnight. I think of my daily encounters. I think of what I said or what I didn’t say. I think of my visitation from a young woman who came to listen, to hear, to try to understand. Her story is not unlike any other story, except for one minor detail. She was diagnosed with a grapefruit tumor in her cervix area and was told she had to get it surgically removed in five days.

This young woman is only 35 years old, married, with two children. When she heard this, her whole world fell apart. Words were like stone blocks that chiseled marble shards into her body that would forever be imbedded.

The medical community tossed words around like glue to fly paper. Words like cancer, like no hope, like immediate surgical removal. These words she heard, were imbedded in her. These were the words that hung over her as she heard of a possible alternative that could reverse the tumor without surgery, without an invasive knife being thrust into her body. She sat down in my office, my little chair, in the mist of the café. I heard her story. I felt the pain.

I could only share what I know. I could only share what books I have read. I could only share the stories I personally know, such as that of my wife. A brave woman who was given a similar diagnosis, similar circumstances but not the immediacy of an operation. Lucky for her, she knew me. Lucky for her she knew of another option.

Although she knew, she did not want to realize. She felt at the time that the medical community could do no wrong. At that time she believed in their diagnosis, she believed in their test, she believed in their medication. She could not fathom that just by changing one’s dietary lifestyle the tumors could be reversed. Not only the tumors could be reversed but also her lifestyle could take her to greater heights, greater well-being and a greater vitality for the zest of life.

I spoke my words to her. I spoke my knowledge and I shared the story of my wife. This happened five years passed, my wife through a strange circumstance, which was lucky for her, chose to go the medical round against my wishes. She believed in the system and had faith in her doctors. She was ready to do whatever it takes, whatever they said, to make her body right.

It is on that note that things changed. For her doctor, after giving all the tests, after giving the diagnoses of fibroid tumors on her neck, breast, and cervix area plus a mild mini stroke, was on vacation. My wife was asked a to come back a month later.

My wife decided to go on a three-week water/juice fast. The reason being that when the body no longer has to expend any energy for digestion it will go to that part of the body which is non-productive. Such as a tumor, which is group of cells that are engulfed in a semi-membranous enclosure.

The tumor was created for the highest good for my wife. Any time my wife ate food that was essentially dead, whether it be a chemical, or lifeless cooked food, the body could not use it. It had to store it in a manner least likely that affects her immediate well-being.

For three weeks time my wife went on this stringent lifestyle. Which by the way was medically supervised. The body’s own infinite wisdom used the energy that it normally uses for digestion and began attacking the tumor and dissolving it. It’s that simple, that pure, that easy. No money, no operation, no knife, no scary words like cancer, like breast cancer survivor.

This was my story that I shared with this young woman. I did my job. I had nothing to gain, no money to collect, no pills to sell. Just a simple job of trying to have the woman understand that her body is her temple and it has to be honored, by choosing the right lifestyle.   I thank you for your time.




             Weekly Events and Guest Lecturers

v    Every Saturday 8:15 am to 9:45 am Arnold gives a free delicious breakfast lecture on raw food and healing. Come listen and share why the 24 thousand diseases medically diagnosed are for the most part caused by lifestyle choices. Come feel the passion. Come see of the results. Why raw food? Why not? Pre-registration is required.


v    Last Saturday of the month 8:15 am to 9:45 am Arnold gives a non-cooking prep course on how to make meals in five minutes or less. Learn how to make cookies, cakes, spaghetti, burgers, shakes, and steaks - all raw, all good for you.


v    Every Sunday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm we host a raw food support group for healing for an alternative medical option for sharing for just being there. If you know of someone who would be interested in an alternative lifestyle approach who or would be interested in slowly getting rid of their dependence on medication or who just wants to feel great and healthy and vibrant please bring to the support group.


Michelle Lawrance who is temporarily a staff member at our store for the next two months will be giving a series of classes both on physical fitness and raw cuisine preparation.


v     Every Monday and Thursday 9am to 10am in Oct, and Nov. she will be having Yamuna body rolling classes. Pre-registration is required. Minimum attendance required is four sessions. This is necessary to realize the full impact of Yamuna body rolling. $50


Other classes by Michelle:


v    Every Monday in Oct. 7:15pm to 8:45pm

            Vegan / raw food prep classes, $25 per class. Bring your appetite.


            Monday Oct. 6 Savory soups and salads    Monday Oct.13 Sandwiches, sides, fries

            Monday Oct.20 Delights of Asia       Monday Oct.27 Sweet eats /Halloween treats

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Upcoming events: Mark this on your calendar!

Doctor Douglas Gram, one of the premiere raw food authorities, will be in attendance at our store. Doctor Gram and Professor Rozalind Grubin will present one of the most elegant and dynamic expressions of raw truths in the world today. Come be inspired to greater levels of vibrant/healthful living. This will sell out quickly. Limited seating. Date Tuesday November 25th at 6:30pm to 9:30Pm Cost $25.



Other upcoming events:


Sat. Nov.1  10:30- 12(noon)  $15 with food prep course ($8 without)

Matt Goodman, author, motivational speaker and a man who recently finished hiking fifteen hundred miles of the application trail will be sharing his thoughts, his goals, his conquest of becoming disease free, on a raw food lifestyle after years of suffering with M.S.


Store events

Our café is not only 100% raw, it is now almost all organic. We now are able to share our produce with the consumer that costs that can only be dreamed of by most supermarkets. Our produce can be bought field fresh from the farmers in Lancaster County at 15% above our cost (by the case). With next day delivery! Orders will be taken either Monday by 12am or Thursday by 12 am. All orders have to be prepaid by credit card (can be done via the phone). Otherwise we have a nice organic selection, for which we charge 30% above cost. As an example: avocados are only $1.29 each, roma tomatoes $1.39 a pound, five pound bag of carrots $3.85, fugi apples $1.39 a pound. These prices will compare favorably with conventional prices at your local supermarket. We need your support to continue doing this, as well as to expand our line. Organic fruits and vegetables is the way!


Arnold’s up-coming musical CD should be finished in two months time. It is about eating your nine fruits and vegetables every day. It is geared towards children and an inspiration for adults. Who wants to hear someone who can’t sing, extol the virtues of vegetables and fruit? It is in this spirit that Arnold gives free concerts as well as free samples to any school classroom upon request. Right now we can only cover a thirty-minute range from the Lansdale area.


To make life easier, Food for Life is now offering organic meals available on Tuesday and Friday. Each week, on Sunday evening, they can email you a different menu. To place orders call Joel (267-992-9929)


One last thing, Arnold and Michelle will be offering a yoga/ raw food prep weekend retreat in lovely Iveland, in a beautiful setting of sixty acres beginning Friday Nov. 14th at 7:30pm to Sunday Nov. 16th cost $175.00 per room per person or $125.00 for camping. Cost is all-inclusive. Includes meals, yoga, food prep classes, and just having fun.

            I thank you for your time.