October 11, 2006    More On Green Smoothies


It is a Sunday afternoon in October; almost 10 months after the beginning of the year, and two months short of 2007. It is the type of day one feels the sticky hair on the back of his/her neck, and an eeriness of days passed as summer is lost ‘til the next year. It is the feeling of nostalgia that can bring one to a giant wave of exhilaration, or the deep plunge of uncertainly of: What is life and where do I fit in? We are living on that tenuous moment of faith--our faith of good times ahead. Our faith of humbleness in that, we are just dots of sand awaiting our final goodbye. Our faith of, what magnanimous and glorified, history-making events lie ahead. Those feelings are sugar-coated memories, both past and present, once the realization of how much time has passed, kind of grabs you by the collar and makes one realize time does march on. We live in a type of world where fleeting moments and long lasting relationships are just a hair split apart. What our actions do, affect us not only on an individual level, but on a universal one as well. We are connected by the Great divine and taught by the wisdom of it all by our miracle inside. We have the great gifts to listen to our body’s innate intelligence and explore exactly what it is that makes us tick. It is these thoughts that make me jump like the jack rabbit and run down the hills like summers past. I called it unbelievable at the beginning of the year, and still call it unbelievable at the end of the year. It is with these thoughts that my newsletter starts.

I speak of the power of the Green Smoothie. Thank you, Victoria Boutenko (and her book Green for Life). It is almost 11 months since I started drinking them and 11 months later it still Rocks my world. I have seen the results, time after time, of those customers who begin them on a daily basis of 32 ounces a day for one month. Their world is forever changed for the better. I stand silent in admiration and silently knowing that I have walked the great Divine and found the secret towards a beautiful, healthier life for every one of them. I close my eyes with memories of the past two days; days which could have been any other, with names and circumstances changed. The miracle of the Green Smoothie!

I think of Chuck whose words were ringing in my ear--loud, boisterous, and loaded with vim and vigor. Chuck is one of those big, tall, strong, silent types. He reminds me of John Wayne, as he proudly leads the charge by saying Follow me! It was two statements that made me not only jealous, but envious. His first words were in my Saturday food prep class. When asked about Green Smoothies he loudly pronounces, I had prostrate cancer and now I don’t. Talk about rocking everyone’s world! This was accomplished by just switching to an all raw diet. That was part of his Saturday speech. It was today’s statement in another food prep class that he just rocked my world. As quoted, for 30 days, I am going to drink only Green Smoothies. His hair, which at one time, was all gray has slowly turned back to red. His weight was dropping faster than a kite with no wind, and his every movement had taken on that of a man half his age. It was the intensity of his words that made me realize the seriousness of his intentions.

He wanted his youth back. He wanted his red hair back, and by gosh, he had the plan. Chuck was going on a 30 day Green smoothie fast. He was going to drink his meals. He was going to try and incorporate 2 lbs. of leafy greens into his daily regimen. It was so simple, so pure, so why didn’t I think of that? Green smoothies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and just the life force of the Universe in a predigested state. I was Inspired. This is my mantra. This is what I know works.

I looked at Lynne, one of our instructors, who for years, suffered from Chronic Fatigue, and at worst has been called Epstein Barr. It could have been called anything, but the bottom line was she was depressed, tired, and had total lack of energy. This was her destiny for years. It would have been her life story except for one little change in her dietary habits. She switched her dietary habits by incorporating two Green Smoothies a day. The leafy greens and the fruit became the magical combination of a diet rich in minerals and vitamins in a predigested state. This was the magic of drinking a chlorophyll dense drink, which is one molecule away from having the same molecular structure as our blood. Our blood contains iron and chlorophyll, as well as, magnesium. This, my friend, is why Green Smoothies work. This my friends is why Lynne, who had chronic fatigue, depression, and Epstein Barr, was able to make a full recovery after just two weeks of drinking green smoothies. This my friends is why every one of our customers who has tried it for at least 1 month has noticed some measurable results. I stand in sorrow of all those who do not know.

I stand in silent solitude thinking of the two women this week who came to my store asking for guidance to help them with their breast cancer diagnosis. I offered them the Green Smoothies and told them about my free weekly class. I showed them the books. I showed them what would be their best defense in helping to reverse the disease. I never saw them again. They were afraid, unable to comprehend how Green Smoothies can accomplish so much, without the use of drugs, expensive tests, and machinery. It is my opinion and my opinion alone, that there is no compromise. One has to decide to either change their lifestyle and not be treated medically, or continue to be treated and make some changes.

It is this crossroads that bring such fear into people. It was like everything they heard, and everything they studied would be washed away like a bad dream who knew of no storybook happy-ending. I sit in quiet desperation trying to remember Lynne’s words, as she spoke this morning, so eloquently of how she was back then compared to how she is now. She is not the same woman. There is no way that Lynne would ever be able to stand in front of a group of people and speak so confident and sure. I know the results of what can happen, just by drinking two Green Smoothies a day.

I heard the words of Chuck, I saw what happened to Lynne, I see myself, and everyday, feel blessed that the Green Smoothie has come into my life. I think of Angela, who came for my 8:15 am food prep class. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a partial mastectomy and was confused, afraid and uncertain about which way to go after they told her she would need more treatments. They being, I stop in mid sentence and control my vile thoughts of what the medical community have done to the women of this country in the name of health. In any case, Angela stayed in my store for 14 hours. She read. She listened. She asked questions to all our customers over and over. She needed to know what her best and safest options were. She did not want to go medically. She wanted to be the one in charge of her health. In the end, she decided to take the easiest route; the safest, non-invasive method. The way she felt the safest, most confident, and most secure in her decision-making process. She began drinking Green Smoothies. She lost 12 pounds in the first week, felt better than she had in a long time, and never looked back.

I thank you for your time, Arnold.