October 4, 2002    Cataracts


It was a scandalous Summer retreat
The cotton candy – the caramelized apple
All in good fun – All taken as the thing to do
The clouds rolled by – slowly but surely
The games of old became the same as today
The fast food was just too slow
Who knows – who knew – it was such a blur
Being able just to see can be such a blast
Please someone take these cataracts away

It was one of those long Monday nights that the words began to flow. It was a week of thought, a week of enjoying every sight. These were the words that jumbled through my soul. These were the words that brought fear to my heart. These were the visions that brought ever so much clarity to my everyday living. I can see – no glasses – no blurs – no fear of any eye disease. I am humbled by my ability to see.

It was on that note that I chose this weeks' topic; my ability to see, to enjoy, to experience what true beauty is with every step, with every breath, with every wink of an eye. I could not imagine ever losing my sight, but others are not so lucky. As quoted in Prescription for Nutritional Healing, "cataracts are the number one cause of blindness". As a layman in the field of medical research who has researched over 50 major diseases, I always fall back to what is a safe possibility of treatment. Cataracts (what was I thinking of), I chose the Merck Manual 17th Edition as my best resource. As defined, "cataracts may be caused by aging, exposure to x-rays – heat from infrared exposure, systemic medication". A quick synopsis but this is what it is. As it appears quoting Prescription for Nutritional Healing, "when the lens of the eye becomes clouded or opaque it is unable to focus close or distant objects. This eye condition is called cataracts". These are not the words I want to read if I have cataracts for there are truths and these are true.

As a raw foodist, amateur medical researcher, I think about the whys. I think about how are cataracts beneficial. I think about what circumstances have to occur in order for our body to circulate its waste to our eyes. It happened just as thoughts became words. In Vision Victory by Diana Diemel, her words of probable causes become perfectly clear, "constipation is the mother of all disease". What doesn't leave, circulates! Images of brown, circle bombers zoom into unprotective areas. We close our eyes and hope for the best. We think not of the dead cow and its meaty part that have been consumed. We think not of the body's concerted effort for elimination by whatever means to wherever. The remedy is so simple. We think not of the dead chicken and its barbeque wings to go. We hold our breath as dead fish enters the conversation. As Good Samaritan we do not wish to see the harm we do by our dietary choices. The term cataracts as quoted by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, "a clouding of the crystal lens beginning usually at one border and progressing slowly until complete blindness results".

Am I talking in parallels? Am I talking in straight? Is there a correlation between eating essentially dead animals and cataracts. Absolutely! The body's intelligence is based on a God Supreme that reeks of honesty and truth. If the truths of all truth is spoken, how readily do we want to see the cow being slaughtered, being driven to their deaths by these huge trailers; their scream just before unconsciousness by laser gun? We read of Paul Nison report in The Raw Life, as if we really want to know; as if we really want to see; as if the body is slowly clouding to remind not to destroy, to lead, not kill. The body intelligence uses the eyes as a storage area for excess waste caused by the eating of dead meat. In Mark Grossman O.D. LAC, Improving and Saving Your Sight Holistic Eye Care, there are healing possibilities. We begin to read but we shall not ignore what caused cataracts in the first place. Besides nutrition, there are vitamins and supplements believed to help reduce visual stress. This and other healing medication all treat the symptom not the cause. If we research the words, the language, the possibilities, the medical standard states unequivocally that "cataracts are treated by surgery" as quoted by the Merck Manual 17th Edition, "usual indication for cataract surgery includes maximally corrected vision and subjective visual impairment that prevents needed or desired activities". The words of success continued. The words of replace flow into the sentences of healing. There is no mention of healing possibility with food choices. There is no mention of fast, the words, as quoted by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, "one simply fasts and the cataract is absorbed and removed. Easy enough! If surgery is used, it is common to wait until the cataract completely covers the eye.

We stop; we hold our breath, we think of all options. We think primarily of seeing life as is, not by word or description but by actual sight. As a layman in search of a cure I am open to all possibilities. I will change my ways in order to live happily, in order to improve my health, in order to be young not only in heart but also in age. We age when we have aged thoughts. We age when the language of getting old starts to infiltrate our bones manifested by our thoughts. We get the cataracts when the images of the universe are thrown in a helter skelter world of killing, broiling, frying, cooking, burning, and eating. All things, all vibration, all sights being understood clearly by our eyes; as quoted by Leonardo Da Vinci, "Who would believe that so small a space could contain the images of all the universe".

It is on this note we begin to explore the miraculous gift of sight. A gift not just of seeing but of life universal, creative genius. There are just no words to describe the joy of seeing. It is truly a gift of untold proportion that the average human being carries with them from the beginning of birth until the
end. In World Medicine, the eyes, as quoted, "can perceive 10 billion gradients of light and seven million shades of color. No small number, no small accident—especially since it happens over and over again without
time out! We take a further step towards understanding why sight occurs. As quoted, "the eye works by taking in light and transforming it into electrical impulses that are sent to the brain where 90 percent of vision occurs". As we speak of sight, we speak of ourselves, we are connected, and there are no accidents in sight as there are no accidents of blindness caused by cataracts. We have to live in peace with ourselves, that's the secret. I empower myself to be myself of purity in mind and in spirit.

I review the words of Marc Grossman in "Improving and Saving Your Sight" I review his words of wisdom. "You teach best what you need most to learn. What you seek, you are. What you desire, you have. You have all
the time you need". There is quote after quote talking about the eternal laws written by universal spirit of what is and what will be.

The human eye is a highly complex organ. Those who know the mechanics of the eye and how it works estimate it has close to one billion working parts, its ability is not questioned, its glory is unsurpassed.

So, we watch the ball being pitched, we watch the young girl quietly get into her car, we watch the boy beating on his drum, we wait for the red light. We watch all these actions in silent ignorance not knowing that those light waves travel at 186,000 miles per second to reach our eye before we see the vision. As quoted in World Medicine by Tom Monte, "the eyes instantly focus on the waves of light by precisely adjusting various parts of the eye". All one billion parts all have their job to do in order for vision to occur. They are all doing their job with total precision, total accurateness happening all the time. The image is then sent to the brain". As quoted again in World Medicine, "the brain receives multiple images because the left and right eyes
perceive light from slightly different vantage points". To add a further dimension towards this totally complex anatomical miracle, the image is upside down because the light is refracted or bent within the eye". Our brain, my brain, your brain; put these multiple images that are totally many and upside down and make it right, clear, concise, without hesitation, at the rate of 186 thousand miles per second.

So, we review cataracts one more time, we think of surgery, which involves the surgical removal of the lens and the insertion of a plastic artificial lens. According to Merck Manual 17th Edition, there's a 95% success rate without complication, which is excellent considering how long one has to endure the cataracts. Also considering there is no hope according to American Medical Standards. The other option is to educate oneself; cost is no money—no expense.

We listen to the words of Dr. Harris Brody MD, AM, DO, CW, A natural hygienic doctor as he repeats, why cataracts? As quoted, "its coagulation of the protein. The liver is overloaded with all that protein consumption". Dr. Harris Brody further states the other major problem is protein digestion. The body being constantly barraged on a daily basis of excess protein, it depletes our natural acid that normally would break up the excess protein. As the liver becomes overloaded it has to pass this excess waste into other areas of the body, meaning the organs, the tissues, and ultimately the eyes causing the lens to lose its transparency and it eventually becomes increasingly opaque; hence cataracts.

As we begin, so we end. We write about differences. We write about the same. Each disease becomes like the mellowness of soft water snowflakes. There are answers of possibilities, there are answers of no-hope. As we research, as we become to know that the healing begins from within, that everything we need to know we already know. Thomas A. Edison was so right as quoted, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease".

I thank you for your time,




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