October 2, 2005    Alkaline Vs. Acid


It is the first of October and in one of those rare moments I am writing this on time. I sit and ponder of what to write and what to say. I think of the events. I think of our customers. I think of their many hurts and many diseases. I think of all those charities asking for money to help fight the cure. I think of the cries of the ignorant who are the masses that blindly believe that their parents are the cause and only cause for all their suffering. I hear their words. I see the pain and I listen intently as they say diabetes, heart disease and all those diseases because of their genes have no hope forever getting better. What is impossible becomes possible. I stop in mid- sentence trying to say exactly what I want to say. I believe in nothing. I believe that the body makes no mistakes, everything for a reason and a reason for everything.

The body has a design for curing, a design for excellence and a design for doing the right thing We are composed of 75 to 100 trillion cells. In each cell there are 20 thousand life units. It's like all this intelligence working diligently together every single second and every single moment without ever a stop to make sure we are totally healthy without drugs or medication. Our body desires only one thing and one thing only, to treat it with respect and honor by giving it the right ingredients. The ingredients, that don't cause any harm and the ingredients that won't upset the life force of its system, "the blood ". Our blood is alkaline and has to be maintained at a specific level (7.4) in order to maintain its life force. Every one of our 75 trillion cells knows this fact. They will do whatever it takes to maintain that level. For it means life or death if this level drops the tiniest of fractions.

All food is essentially divided into two groups. It is either alkaline which are our raw fruit and vegetables or acid which occurs when food is cooked above a temperature of 115 degrees (don't quote me). When we eat acid food the body has to protect it because it will affect the alkalinity of the blood .The body is intricately designed to neutralize these acids. Initially, these protected devices are called colds, flu, coughs and fevers. They are the body's armors of protection. These are the body's defense mechanisms trying to expel the overload of toxic food being placed within its system. This is a body desperately fighting to protect itself. As time passes the body fights and it needs to protect itself at all cost against the onslaught of a continuous flow of acid food. The defense begins to go on a deeper level affecting the organs with the acid residue, affecting the aging of the skin, affecting the joints and whatever else gets in the way.

What are the bodies' choices, tired of the continuous onslaught of poisonous foods? The body has to create pockets of storage. If it is in the colon eventually it will be called colon cancer. If it is in the breast, the pocket of storage or tumor will be eventually called breast cancer. The list goes on of the deadly diseases. The cancers: are they really cancer or a wearied body whose defense mechanism has finally been broken? What is necessary to stop the body's continuous war in removing the cause? It is the simple act of changing from an acid rich diet to an alkaline rich diet. It is the simple act of giving the body a diet that takes less than an hour to digest rather than hours and days to digest. Disease can be beaten. We, as a people are at clear choice. We either decide the dollar or fruit and vegetables as the choice of healing. The choice is yours and mine.

I thank you for your time.