October 1, 2001    Colon Cancer


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Marches to victory flanked by terror
An army moves forward while drugs destroy the other side
It was victory in autumn, death by March
A woman is honor without living tomorrow
We cry, we weep, a nation does not understand
Battling colon cancer starts from fighting within

This week's newsletter starts amid the battle, watching the rubble being hauled away.  It was a week that wrenched the whole county.  It started with no one really caring what flags were, what flags meant.  It ended with over 5,000 lives lost in 4 terrorist air attacks that were not meant to kill the enemy but destroy its people.  So it is on this note that I begin writing about colon cancer.  This is about tears I shed, the stories I heard, the
survivors I saw, and the victims I didn't see.  It's about a city in turmoil.  It's about every day bringing another heartache, another scare, another one of the surreal atmospheres that life is being played on the mountain layers of ice.  From whenst I begin to whereist I go, colon caner strikes hard also.  There are 56,000 lives lost yearly.  The reason I am writing this letter on this topic is because I read about just one woman dying this year.  There was a big article titled, "Women's group president loses battle with cancer."

The woman, we'll call her Anita, could have died anywhere from anything, and nothing could have been said; or she could have died at the young age of 51 in the twin towers in NYC and everyone would have lauded her a hero, a victim, too young to die.  We see her picture, we see her smile, we see her determination, and we see her love of life.  The headlines haunt me.  "Loses battle with cancer."  The article states, "For five years she was battling colon cancer."  I ask why?  I ask where were her guardian angels?  Where were her maternal instincts?  The battle she fought wasn't a battle.  It was a slow death using was weapons that were contraindicated for her well-being. "When she was on cancer fighting drugs."  In my mind, all drugs are poison. Dr. George H. Malkamus states in God's Way to Ultimate Health, "Health cannot be restored by taking drugs.  Drugs cannot rebuild the cells of the body.  The body is self-healing."  So I continue writing with a heavy heart,
and my tears are being shed for those who died in NYC.  My hands are tied for that victory is beyond my control.  The only thing I can give is support for those that died, those who are going to die, and those who lost loved ones, and pray for the wisdom of God to share his eternal bliss to all those who walk the earth.

My silence stands in salute of those that died.  My fury is raised to battle for those that died of colon cancer.  In that battle I have a right to chose the weapon wisely, to elaborate, to share, to convey heart-felt emotion to those survivors of Anita who were not given the proper information so cancer would not only not have conquered, it never would have happened.

So I begin my research starting with, "What is cancer?"  In The Cancer Answer, Albert Carter writes, " Cancer is not a disease.  It is a naturally occurring condition."  As explained further, "In every instance, cancer cells are caused by mutation of the genes in the DNA that control both cell growth and cell reproduction."  At first reading, that sounds pretty scary, meaning, like you and me can develop this fairly easily.  But the truth, if a truth does exist, as quoted from the Cancer Answer is that, "In a healthy body it's (cancer) close to impossible."  I hear these words and I see the headlines.  I read the statistics according to the National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 47 no9 of 1996.  There were 539,533 deaths due to cancer.  In 2000 there were 56,000 deaths due to colon cancer.  On August 29 at the age of 51, Anita died of colon cancer, which, according to Albert Carter, is almost impossible to get.

So we begin to look at the cancer fighting drugs.  The American medical community's choice for fighting this natural occurrence is not natural.  The death rate upon hearing those words is 95% for all victims of live cancer
died within six months.

That's the good news, for the word drugs in a medical sense means healing. As of 1998, there were approximately 40 cancer drugs of which 26 were commercially available.  Let's make no mistake.  Anita had colon cancer for 5 years.  She was given only one option - Drug Therapy.  If she were given another more radical approach she may have seen some different results.  Dr. Neal Barnard, author of Food for Life, stated, "People who include fruits and vegetables in their daily dietary habit lower many forms of cancer including lung, breast, and colon."  Is there an awakening here?  I ask especially because I read at the beginning of the paragraph where he states, "Oxygen molecules that become unstable are called free radicals."  The question next questions then become, what is a free radical, what causes it, and how can we prevent it?  So like a handshake that can't stop its momentum, the search for the cure can lead to many levels of understanding.

By definition, free radicals are unstable, destructive molecules that are found in vegetable oil, fish oil, and iron.  All stimulate the production of free radicals.  Once again, according to Dr. Neal Barnard, "Vegetables and fruits also provide antioxidants to help neutralize the free radicals that are produced."  Dr. Barnard, as president of the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine along with other world renown scientists Dr. Denis Burkitt (medical pioneer who discovered the value of fiber) and Dr. T. Colin Campbell (Cornell University biochemist who headed the prestigious China Health Study) all talk passionately that DIET not drugs is key for dramatic improvement in health.

So the conflicts begin.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  In 1955 the search for cancer drugs began its journey.  There have been almost 1,500,000 chemical compounds tested.  Of these chemical compounds, there are currently 40 cancer drugs around of which 26 are commercially available as of 1998. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) criteria for accepting these drug compounds states, "Any chemical that interferes with the mechanism of natural cell division is a candidate.  Most cancer drugs interact with the genetic material in a cell, so anything that keeps cells from dividing naturally might be classed as a cancer drug."

So we review the words of Anita's battle.  "Even when she was sick and even when she was on cancer fighting drugs..."  And we close our eyes and repeat the NCI's criteria for accepting chemical compounds.  I sit in my chair in disbelief for Anita was given the wrong option.  She knew the battle but not the enemy from without.  Her battle weapons were her poisons for worse not better.

Below is a list of chemical compounds that are used to fight cancer approved by National Cancer Institute as of 1998 (taken from Cancer Answer):  Mustard Gas: A highly toxic gas used in UU2.  Its vapor is extremely
poisonous.  Some side effects cause cancer of the bronchi, lungs, larynx, and trachea  Nitrogen Mustard: Used for treating malignancies has shown to cause cancer years after being used to combat cancer  5 Flourouricil:  This chemical interferes with an enzyme that the body requires to build DNA  Methotrexate: An antivitamin that has similar qualities to folic acid. Eventuall, the cell chooses methotrexate instead of folic acid causing the cell to die  Procarbazine: This drug nicks the DNA and breaks it.  When the DNA chain is destroyed a cell cannot reproduce  Bacterial Compounds:  These substances slip between the strands of DNA and prevent its copying function from working

I could go on, but I won't.  These cancer-fighting chemicals, besides being expensive, take a tremendous toll on the body.  As stated in the Cancer Answer, "The chemicals attack all quickly dividing cells, healthy as well as malignant."  The side effects of these chemicals are devastating including diarrhea, vomiting, anemia, and hair loss, which explains why Anita was sick and suffering for 5 years, fighting chemical treatments and surgery.

You would think that all this suffering was necessary, even to extend her life one extra day or one extra month or one extra year.  According to the New England Journal of Medicine of 1984, "Colon cancer victims don't live
any longer when they receive chemotherapy along with the standard surgical removal of their tumors."

It's my usual late-night writing time (past 11pm), and I debate to myself whether or not I should forward this letter to the memorial fund set up for Anita that is asking for money for colon cancer research headed by NCI. Would they get mad at me?  Should I have used Anita's real name?  I ponder.
Dr. Samuel Epstein, The Politics of Cancer, feels, "The entire decision making process of the NCI is slanted in favor of chemotherapy and basic research."  What does all this information mean?  What do these conflicts in
cancer treatment indicate?  Is there a conspiracy that allows for 540,000 cancer deaths a year?

We think about Anita's death.  We think about the chemical compounds that are given in the name of healing.  We think about why those in charge of cancer prevention choose drugs over fruit and vegetable therapy.  Thousands, millions, and billions of dollars are being generated by this system that is being kept in place for the sake of the pharmaceutical industry.

So Anita dies in a battle, and no on says a word about the identity of the real killer.  No one is even aware that these truths exist.

The truth is being squashed because there is no money to be exchanged.  In the December 1983 issue there was an article that stated, "Too few people all on intimate and friendly terms with each other are in change of handing out the large sum of money to each other."

I write, I think while time passes.  It's past 12:30am, and there is ever so much more to say.  As we delve into colon cancer, the causes, the side effects, and the reasons why as years pass statistically it not only doesn't
get any better, colon cancer gets worse.  The facts are not being shared. The causes are not being shared.  The treatments are not being shared.  I
sit in silence thinking what words are s allow?  What words are powerful? What words do I have to use in order for people to get it?  With each moment passing, with each moment that this information is not being shared, another story can be written.  A story with a face dying of a failed battle plan, a brave soul who fought a brave way.  And as long as there is the same battle plan with the same weapons there will be the same story: victims of life who lose their battle with cancer.

I think not of losing but of winning.  I think of George Malkamus who developed colon cancer 23 years ago.  I think that if he had not heard of the raw food possibilities he too would have chosen the same path as Anita.
So rather than losing his life to cancer he went on to win and reach the good life.  He chose fruits and vegetables over drugs.  His DNA did not get destroyed.  He did not develop the side effects, the vomiting, the weight loss, the low energy, the hair loss, the loss of cells, or the loss of life. In 1976, at the age of 42, George was told he had colon cancer.  A tumor was found the size of a baseball underneath his left ribcage.  He chose his weapons of war.  Make no mistake.  George was diagnosed with cancer, in which mutant cells develop by our body's mechanism that have no practical use by our body other than to destroy other healthy cells.  So George went to war by changing his diet.  As he stated in God's Way to Ultimate Health, he changed his diet to, "Raw fruits and vegetables and lots of fresh carrot juice."  As time passed, so did his colon cancer.

Although I'm excited about continuing this same pattern of thought, although I just finished eating a pound of grapes and having tons of usable energy remaining, the clock is approaching 1am.  I have to be up early, 6:30am, for a Saturday morning class on raw food and healing.  I too weigh my options. Put the pen down, turn off the light, and hopefully finish this tomorrow. Right now sleep awaits me.

It's not the next day, but two days later, for those who keep track.  And believe it or not, there are those who keep track because they ask me what was so important on Saturday that I couldn't continue.  To all those who are going to ask me that, I'm sorry.  I got busy.  Tonight is Sunday around 11:30pm.  I continue.  It's kind of hard, but it's not an option. There are truths about life that have to be written.  There are truths about colon
cancer that have to be shared.  There are drugs given that are supposed to help the fight against cancer.  But if a truth exists, it stands to reason that it should be obvious to everyone.  But it's not.  There are 540,000
cancer deaths and 56,000 colon cancer deaths.  There are 26 compound chemicals whose side effects devastate one's internal organs.  There are fruits and vegetables, which have shown to be effective in not only slowing down cancer but also preventing it.  So we read these facts, we throw them against the wall, and we pray, for each of us has our own path and our own choice.  There is nothing that I can say or write once somebody makes up his or her mind to choose the medical option.  I, Arnold, having done my due diligence in researching most of the major diseases, including colon cancer, will use every means at my disposal to share this information to prevent another person from suffering for 5 years of trying to win a battle that can 't be won when using the wrong weapons.

I thank you for your time.

Food for Life by Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D.
The Cancer Answer by Albert Carter
Alternative Medicine
God's Way to Ultimate Health by Dr. George Malkamus
"Women's Group President Loses Battle with Cancer," newspaper article by Merry Eisenstadt


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