January 23, 2008    "I Am Legend"


It is a late Monday night when thoughts of what I should I write come zooming by like night riders on cycles looking for a place to hide. I am in my 22nd day of being on a mission. My mission is to make 100 YouTubes of Arnold's Way success stories. This was a mission that I thought was realistically high, realistically doable, and realistically going to take one whole year to do. Boy was I ever wrong. It wasn't so much about the effort, not so much about the amount of success stories, but it was about the amount of customers who have changed their lifestyle, and who have experienced a tremendous amount of success. I am so overjoyed at the prospect of fulfilling my dream and of fulfilling my life's most essential purpose. It is a purpose that literally consumes me from the time I get up in the morning to the time I take my last conscious breath at night. I am on purpose and in the moment of living my dream day in and day out. I am aware of diseases that run rampant in this country and in this world. We are masters of our own true powers. The mighty giant falls, and the dust settles. There is a major plague coming. There is a major wipeout of populations coming. Not that I am a pessimist; I am not. Not that I have a higher knowing; I don't. I just know from what I see, and what I read. When there are those individuals who try to disobey the laws of nature, to me, there is a backlash with no prisoners taken. It is on this note of love, of kindness and of sharing the message that I write. I do my YouTubes as a way to do whatever I can to share the love of who we are. The intelligence of who we are, and the innate wisdom that runs in each and every one of us is the ultimate truth for our healing and for our disease-free destiny for the salvation of our souls as well as our lives. On January1st of this year, 2008, I was guided by the Powers at be, for whatever reason, to begin producing YouTube success stories of those who changed their lifestyles to mostly raw dietary choices. I saw a movie, quite by accident, quite by choice, quite by Divine Spirit, to up the ante, so to speak, to increase my love for myself in a really big way. In making every moment a blessed moment, no matter where I am, no matter who I am with or not with. To embrace the world as it is, as it could be, and as it unfolds every day, every moment, and every millisecond.

On January 1st, 2008, I saw the movie called: "I am Legend". It was not a great movie per say, but its message was thought provoking and yet mind boggling. It was like a poke in the ribs that something has to be done right now; not five minutes from now; not 30 seconds from now, but something needed to be done right now. Something has to be done this very instant. It was that deep; that interesting, and that effective in sending out a message that reached deep within my soul of what could be. It was a movie about one man, one dream and one mission that could never ever stop for he had no choice. I listened to his words, and I watched his mission. I watched every action that he, Will Smith, the Legend, made. It was about catastrophic proportions of what happens to a world filled with misconceptions, hope and a reliance on the world of Medicine to lead a human society free from disease. It was a mistake in the movie to believe, as it will be in real life, to believe that tests, medications, vaccines, monstrous, complex machines, and mega-trillion dollar hospitals have even the tiniest bit of understanding. It is hard to imagine that they have even the tiniest bit of understanding that in our bodies exists 75 trillion cells with each cell containing 20,000 life units that are all happily working together, all in such harmony that they can never ever make a mistake and functions in this way from the moment of conception to the moment of our death. This was my interpretation of what I see, of what has to be done, and of what I feel I can do to share the wisdom of our innate human child. To quote somewhat the words of Bob Marley, from a line from one of his movies, "I cannot stop preaching love for I know that the forces of life out there won't stop preaching their truth of what love is".

It is on that note that I begin this week's newsletter on love, on healing, on following a system that is systematically designed to destroy the very life force of individuals, communities, countries, and the whole world. I sit in quiet admiration of who I am, and the path I have chosen to follow.

It is a Tuesday morning that I begin my words, my thoughts and with heartfelt joy that I now express my truth of what I have done, and write about what I have seen. It is in this vein that I place my words on paper expressing my joy, and sharing my quiet observations on how it is possible for us as individuals, for those that are ravished from within, those who live in the outer zones of life and death, and for those who live in the midst of war, and for those who live in times of peace each one can become free from disease. It is day 22 into my year long commitment to film100 of my success stories of those who saw the light, and began reclaiming their health their life and taking responsibility for who they are, and for what they can be. As of today, I have filmed 37 success stories of individual families, of friends, of lovers, and of strangers in the street who just wanted to share their new found freedom of being alive and energized. I produced thirty-seven individual stories from people who were willing to share. I am aware that it takes courage to do this sort of thing. I'm sure that there are hundreds of people who are just biding their time for the right moment to be in front of a movie camera and to share their story with thousands of people. I sit in quiet ecstasy for being given the opportunity to write and to film these incredible "stars" and to be a part of this amazing transformational experience. I sit in quiet thought about what I can do to reach more and more people. I perceive what can be, and I sense the potential for a dire future if the truth of our own responsibility is not shared and spoken by the vast majority of people. There is no black or white. There is no grey. It is what it is.

I listen to the words of Ken who shared with us about his family, himself, his neighbors, and about his wife. I listened to him tell me how everyone in his family was not only losing their health, but that, in his son's case, he was being rejected by Children's Hospital because there is nothing more that they can further do. I sit quietly thinking of how he re-created his future. I listened about how his family, just by making drastic changes in their dietary lifestyle have gone from a typical American breakfast to raw fruit. He went from eating typical American snacks to eating veggies. Everything he did and what he ate changed his life drastically. Ken and his wife Sherry had no choice. The health of their family was in dire trouble, without any hope from the medical community.

As think of what is right, I also think of what can be changed and of what cannot be changed. There is no right. There is no wrong. There is only the possibility of finding our truth that exists in each and every one as a gift from above and/or as a gift not only from the time of our birth, but beginning from the beginning of time. I think of this man who was barely able to walk down the street without being able to take a breath every five feet. I am aware of what choices he made growing up. The choices as a kid on what he ate and what he didn't eat. I think of the choices that his mother made about what she put on the table for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner. I envision what snacks she bought for him. He was very young when his lifetime dietary choices were made. There were limited options back then available to him. There was no thinking about health. He did whatever he was told. He believed in his mother's love. He believed that day in and day out his mother and his father were doing the very best for him. It was in that setting that this man was barely able to walk, barely able to talk, and barely able to eke out an existence was raised. It is in such a similar setting that children are raised today. It is in such a setting where mothers shop in the supermarket to pick out the tastiest cereal for their children, the best flavored milk, the best cheese, the best bagels, the best eggs, the best bacon, etc. The list can go on and on. It is in that setting, that this young boy watched his favorite TV shows, listened to his favorite music, believed every spoken word in all of those advertisements. He believed not only what he saw on the TV, but what he read in the newspaper, and what he heard on the radio. He was a human receptacle for all of that was being promoted at the time. He was a typical young boy, his mother was a typical young woman, and his father was a typical American adult believing what they saw, what heard, and read. As a child of this environment, he absorbed all of that SPAM, for lack of a better word using today's modern terminology.

It is with that understanding of this man, barely my age or much older, who made his choices, as I have made mine, based on what he was taught. He just didn't know any better, nor had he any desire to know any better. It is with this understanding of who I was, and that I was given the same choices and was able to successfully change that I chose to write of him, and write to him of the thousands of others who saw their truth, their light and made the drastic changes necessary so that they wouldn't have to walk like an old man with no hope in sight. I speak of Larry who, at the age of 45, was heading in the same direction as his friends, as his brothers, and as everyone he knew that when they start approaching 50 realize that the best athletic years are behind them, and not in front of them. I listened to his words at one of our pot lucks. As he explained, that by taking charge of his dietary habits, he lost 50 pounds in thirty days, I listened to his words explaining that for thirty days he just drank his meals of fruit and leafy greens, as he did so that every ounce of his soul began to transform. Every fear of growing old became a closer moment to eternal youth. He went from "fat Albert" to Denzel Washington. I felt the energetic vibration of an old man walking by the store hearing and believing that there can be no such possibility. He wanted his white bread. He was told by everyone he knew and everyone he ever trusted that these foods were real American foods, rich in nutrients and oh so good for you. This is what he saw advertised on TV. This is what his mother bought him for all his early youth and teenage years. This is what he was served in schools. This was what he was served in restaurants. This was what he thought was the only way to eat. He was taught to eat his bread, to drink his milk, to eat his meat, his desserts, and his snacks. In fact, his while life was based on these beliefs that was so ingrained in his past, his present, and now his future.

I write of the dichotomy of our lives of actions, of the overwhelming norms of our society that are so ingrained in each and every one of us. In our every action and in our every thought of what is right and wrong, and of what is our own personal truth. It is with this understanding that we each have our own perspective of how life is, and how it is to be lived. This is the old man who I see every single day. We each nod and greet one another with a friendly, "Hello." He knows not me as I know not of him. I just watch him daily as he walks ever so slowly with his package of groceries in hand. As he watches me, not walking, but running up the steps, fast and limber as a young boy who forgot the years gone by. I watch as he lumbers along slowly as if he can no longer hold the weight of his own body. I know not his weakness since I know only from my strength of doing pushups, chin ups, rebounding and yoga a zest for life that was not my experience 40 years past. We each have our truth as he sees himself, and I see myself as a young man. We each are, I dare say, are no more than three years apart. I know not which one of us is the oldest. We are so very close in age, so very different in what we see, what we do, and in what we expect out of life.

It is on this humble appreciation of life, and how I live, that I am obligated by forces way beyond myself to share the possibilities of what can be. I filmed the success stories day after day. I think of the young woman today who came into my store today with her child. She was proud. She was happy. She did not want to be filmed. She was beautiful, content, and glad to be alive. She spoke of being infertile for ten years. She had wanted to have a child for ten years without success. Her every bone in her body spoke of this desire. She had reached the point of knowing that drastic changes needed to be made. She had to become the mother of health to become her vision of having a child.

As truth is told, she did just that. She gave up her meat. She stopped eating the cheeses, the bagels, and the processed foods. She stopped everything in her heart and soul knew that was bad for her well being. She felt that had no choice in the matter. In her infinite wisdom she knew she had to bypass the medical outlook of no hope. She took total responsibility for her health, and gave up everything that she thought was bad, and replaced it with everything that was good. In her case, she became a Vegan, and began adding more fruit and veggies to her dietary choices. She lost lots of weight and began having a much better outlook on who she was, is and on what she can be. She gave birth to a baby boy after ten years of failure. She was not ready to share her story today. She made the decision to change the cycle in which she was brought up to bring health happiness and to bring a new-born healthy son into her life.

I join her quest with mine for a better tomorrow. I take her vision for herself, her child, and her future with her son, and placed them gently on the shoulders of a man who was barely able to walk a block without stopping every five minutes to take a breath. I take the reality of not only this year's 37 success stories, but of the hundreds, if not thousands of people, who have broken the chain of conformity, mass inoculation that parades across every inch of our existence as normalcy, and I allow the energy to flow upwards into a great big yellow balloon and let it fly above. I take this energy, and place it on the shoulders of this young man and young woman, on senior adults, and on all children under the sun to give them courage to change their lives for their highest good. I want them to know that they have a choice in the matter. They can make a different choice rather than letting the Powers at be make their choices for them. They don't have to choose their lifestyle, including food choices, medication, clothes, education, and their every thought on what is right and what is normal by society's standards.

I give rise to that hope of a better tomorrow. I give thanks to Bob Marley who has shared his dream with me through the movie, "I am Legend." I give thanks by saying: "Every moment is a blessed moment."

I thank you for your time.