January 7, 2004    Why Vaccinations


The doorbell rings. A mother opens the door
The gift of life spreads its wings
while a child's life slowly fades away a new dawn awakes
While her eyes still continued to fill with tears
The city of people is being crushed one shot at a time

It's Christmas morn, 630 a.m. to be exact, I could have been doing a million different things. What I could have and what I am doing in the real world are exactly the same. I got up this morning with the intention of writing about the flu vaccine. Today should have been a day of rest. It should have been a day to just relax The reality is –knowing what I know -seeing what I see, I had to follow my heart my passion my true desire of speaking about love about truth about my feelings when I see visions of children, adults and young babies offering their arm so willingly to be injected with the flu vaccine. I watch in horror. I am aghast. I am helpless. I have no choice but to research, write and share my opinion of the dangers of this vaccine.

I get up early this Christmas morn and review the book that sits before me "Why Vaccinations may be Harmful to your Health". As I begin, I scour my bookshelves for any reference on exactly what is a vaccination and to see if there is any material on what are the extraneous materials that make up a vaccine other than the virus. I am also researching the needless effort by the medical community to push this supposedly healthy concoction when the reality is that our body already has the capability to destroy any uninvited virus that enters our system.

"For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thy wounds said the Lord"

Jeremiah 30;17

It is on that note that we begin to study the nature of the vaccine, which we so dutifully allow to be injected into our children and ourselves. The theory behind the vaccine that it contains a small amount of the disease germ that, when injected into our body stimulates the body to produce antibodies which will strengthen the immune system to stop the invasion of this harmful disease.

What the vaccine promoters, including the Center for Disease Control, Health Education and Welfare, Public Health Services, Food and Drug Administration, American Medical Assoc. And World Health Organization, are not telling is how the vaccines are made and what are all the extraneous materials used in making the vaccine.

As Quoted in Vaccinations May be Harmful to your Health, "Vaccination serum may contain any of the following ingredients" glycerin formaldehyde, carbolic acid, pus from the hooves of a horse, putrefied monkey kidneys, aluminum phosphate, mercury" The list goes on with each ingredient more unbelievable than the previous one. My throat retches with the thought that I too was once so naïve that I not only allowed myself to be vaccinated but all of my children and grandchild. If only I knew. If only I read a single book about the evils of what vaccination really are. That was then and this is now. I will not stand in quiet silence again. To vaccinate is definitely a choice, but it has to be an informed decision based on unbiased facts.

With these thoughts as a basis I begin my readings. I begin my studies. I begin to share my feelings of what I see and hear everyday on the ills of vaccine damage. As a single individual, as a nation, for our children, we have to be able to have complete faith in the drug manufacturer that they will reveal the side effects and the damages that are being done on a regular basis to those who have already taken the vaccine and the process should to be declared as well as the ingredients being revealed to each person receiving these shots. Is this a reasonable request? Is it also a reasonable request to give any type of guarantee that this vaccine is even effective?

The effectiveness of the vaccine, the side effects, the damages that have been done and that will be done are all rather mute points. The primary goal of the drug manufacturers is to produce vaccine shots (for money). The more, the better. To this end came the establishment of The National Childhood Vaccine Injury act of 1986.

Which in essence, as quoted in Vaccinations may be harmful to your health, "is to shield vaccine makers from the heavy liability that discourages them from making vaccines". Not only are the drug companies not liable but also the U.S. Government taxes the public to protect them. According to Neil Z Miller in Immunization - The people speak, "There is a tax on every vaccine that goes into a congressional fund to pay for every child that is damaged by vaccines".

These are the facts that I write. There are more words, more horror stories and more shocking news. We read about the 1918 Flu epidemic, which killed thousands. At the time they (meaning the powers that be) blamed the evil germs. That was then, this is now. There needs to be something to blame other than ourselves. There needs to be a justification for the making of the vaccinations. There needs to be a justification of the medical community's right to exist as the foundation of national health care. There needs to be a dollar made at whatever the cost. There needs to be a reason why children are dying, why people are in a frenzy to trust, so willingly, an injection within their bodies. These were the stories of so long ago and they are so easily applied today. We study this Flu epidemic and slowly begin to understand the real causes, the real reasons. Once again, as quoted in Vaccinations may be harmful to your health, "Today medical historians have concluded that the 1918 flu epidemic was solely attributable to the widespread use of vaccines".

We read, we close our eyes, we re-read Vaccinations- Deceptions and Lies by Michael Dye regarding the 1976 Swine Flu fiasco. We read about the hype, about the scare, about people lining up for vaccinations, about how President Gerald Ford, the government and the medical officials were warning the American people about the impending doom of one of the worst flu epidemics ever. What was became what is. Millions took the vaccine so readily, so acceptingly. They were so wrong. What happened was that the vaccine caused a reported 565 cases of Guillain-Barre paralysis, 30 to 60 deaths and numerous other problems. " There were $1.3 billion in lawsuits and Congress appropriated $135 million to cover these damages.

The time has reached 10:30 a.m. I'm still sitting still writing. My mind works feverishly to find words, feelings, facts, quotes, whatever it takes to get the message out of the importance of making an informed decision before choosing to be injected with a vaccination shot.

Dr John Seal of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease says, "Any and all flu vaccines are capable of causing Guillain-Barre. So I listen to these words and I am bothered by a sickening thought. I suddenly think of one of my customers, who was desperately trying to help his brother who recently contracted this deadly disease. His brother was lying in the hospital paralyzed with a feeding tube down his throat. There was nothing that this person could do. It was out of his hands. He had pleaded with his brother to change his diet to stop eating all those cheese steaks and pizzas and drinking all that beer. His brother was young, strong and knew it all. That was then, this is now. No one has to suffer like that. NO ONE HAS TO LIE IN A HOSPITAL FOR WEEKS NOT KNOWING WHETHER YOU WILL EVER WALK AGAIN. No one knows that feeling until they have been in it. That was then this is now.

For every cause there is an effect. You cannot disobey the laws of nature and expect not to pay. There is no life force in cheese steaks, pizza or beer. They are dead animals and grains chemically altered to supposedly taste good. Is it worth it? I can only speculate that when this young man gets out of the hospital he will be forever changed. His brother will see to that. What affects one, affects another. We are our brother's keeper.

There has to be an understanding that eating a mostly fruit and vegetable diet will strongly enhanced ones immune system.

The books pile up on the table. So many facts, so many pro's and con's, so many indistinguishable lies regarding what really is. The reality is that as bad as what goes into the making of the vaccine sounds, it is minor compared to how the germ is process into a vaccine. It is known, as quoted in Vaccination Deception and Tragedy, "serial passage involves passing the germ or virus thru animal tissue or the tissue of an aborted human fetus several times to reduce its potency ". What does that mean?

I look at the page and I stare in disbelief. This is no vaccine. This is a witches brew! As quoted, "the measles vaccine is passed thru the chick embryo, the polio virus is passed thru monkey's kidneys and the rubella virus is injected into the dissected organs of an aborted fetus, the diphtheria serum is injected into the jugular veins of a horse over a six month period. Only when the horse is sufficiently ill from diphtheria is a large amount of blood withdrawn to make the diphtheria vaccine".

Hello. Am I missing something? Please tell me that there is some kind of logical reasoning to inject these chemicals into our children, into our babies, into ourselves. Please tell me I am wrong for assuming that these chemicals would do some type of harm. We think of Morris A. Bealle, researcher and publisher who read the same research, felt the same pain and saw the same horror. A few years ago he stated "that the vaccines are so dangerous that he offered $10,000 to any doctor or scientist who could prove that the polio vaccine was not a deadly fraud". There were no takers.

The truth is out there, recorded from my new CD, Can't Make a Mistake. The World Health Organization as quoted, "that the best vaccination against common infectious disease is an adequate diet". Vaccinations may be harmful to your health quotes, "the best vaccine for immunity is man's own immune system".

So I take these words and expand on them. I review knowledge that is already known. The human body has the capability to handle any virus or germ that it contacts. I think of the book The Cancer Answer, by Alfred Carter.

As quoted, 'If your lymphatic system is strong healthy and circulating properly and kept well informed by the antibodies, the lymphocytes can get in there and clean them ( mutant cells who would be cancer) in no time flat. So I look at these words and I think, why vaccinations. Is there a reason? Does the medical community have to totally disregard the innate wisdom of the body and replace it with a pill or a shot? Can people be so naïve to believe that a cure is even possible using such arcane concoctions? We once again turn to The Cancer Answer for a possible answer. As quoted, "in a lymph node, after being identified and stripped of its personal blueprint, each and every virus is destroyed by the macrophages. Using the virus' own antigen blueprint, the commander of the lymph node directs the manufacturer of an army of antibodies which will be called to combat and destroy that specific virus if it should invade the body in the future. Does this sound familiar? Is it really necessary to get a vaccination when our body already has the ability to self- vaccinate? Will the drug manufacturers relinquish their monopolies? Do we really have to stand in line and pay our two dollars to receive this injection of ghastly material into our system?

That my friend is why on Christmas day I had no choice in the matter but to research, write and explore the possibilities of not receiving a vaccination shot. I dare say, read this newsletter and share it with a friend. There are other options on preventing oneself from getting the flu. The only true option is building a strong immune system. Sounds so easy, so simple, so uncomplicated that the very thought of a strong immune system being able to destroy all viruses, all germs, all cancers, all mutant cells is so mind boggling that it just cant be. . For Big Business, there is no motivation to find out the why's and how's of doing just that. Having a strong immune system is bad for business. Just imagine visiting a doctor and what him prescribing, as quoted in Vaccinations may be harmful to your health : "1.Eat food that is fresh 2. Avoid refined sugar and overcooked food 3. Avoid drugs, vaccines and x-rays 4. Get adequate rest, exercise pure water and fresh air. Can you imagine . . . .

Once again it is a choice. There is no middle ground in my opinion. Build up your immune system and a vaccination won't be necessary or trust in the system and take the vaccinations shots which they say are necessary for fighting the flu.

There is no right answer for everyone.

I thank you for your time, Arnold


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