January 4, 2005    Thoughts For 2005


If words can't speak and the murmur of the echoes become louder, there rings out a justification that no one should be labeled a victim.

These are my thoughts for the new year:

Today was like any other day.  In fact, it was so common that the words and thoughts are becoming scarier with each word written. Today I was inundated with so many phone calls, so many customers who were given the word cancer as a gift of gloom and doom. All these diagnosis's of cancer and more cancer. My phone could not stop ringing. It was case after case, mistake after mistake. All these people, all these victims, all these faces, and all these should not have to be. It's what I know about these diseases, whether prostrate or colon or lung and how the standard treatment is to treat them, that are so scary. At best it could be called horrific, at worst misdiagnose fiascos. People are starting to call our store in confusion; in anger and in not knowing what to do. The word cancer looms over their every breath. It is like the word cancer has entered their every cell and they become zombies to their own truth. I halt in my dialogue.

Our bodies do not make mistakes. Everything it does is for love of ourselves. I request their words of disease and cancer be changed to words of God's love. They were chosen to bring forth joy from cancerous chaos to continuum harmony. The body is convulsed with vials of indispose chemical intake. Chemicals that are being placed in our food, in our air and in our water. It is with each passing day our body becomes the shelter for these foreign invaders. Our temple of life has no choice in the matter in trying either to dispose of these chemicals by either the ordinary outlets through sweat or skin or bodily eliminations. If this cannot be done, that is when the free radicals begin the onslaught of its invasion. The body has its own defense mechanism. There are millions, if not billions of soldiers that stand ready to protect us. Our white blood cells, our lymph glands, and our infinite wisdom that will do whatever it takes to destroy what first wants to destroy ourselves.

It is on this somber note that Arnold writes that Arnolds Way is sponsoring an all day workshop that features three ordinary people who have three extraordinary stories. Each was beset by a major disease. Each conquered their disease and revel in the glory of how easy it is to do just by changing one's lifestyle. It is in Arnold's opinion that Breast cancer disappears on a raw food diet as quoted from Dr Kristine Knofti's book, How To Treat Breast Cancer. It is in Arnold's opinion that he agrees 100% with Matt Goodman that M.S. is the best thing that ever happened to him. It is Arnold's opinion that he agrees with Lynda Carter. All these well known cancer and diseases for the most part are not only reversible but they are also preventable just by changing one's lifestyle without drugs radiation or chemotherapy. Arnold is asking your help in spreading the word.

On March 12th we are sponsoring "Rock and Raw", an all day workshop and party! Please take our flyer or this newsletter and pass it on. To create change we have to be of change. To spread the word, we have to become the word. To speak of peace, we have to be of peace to be free of chemicals and poisons which are found in the food we eat.

I thank You for Your time