January 1, 2002    Fasting


Hills of glory rise majestically behind the swollen plains
The sky leaps forward, and the black seas slowly disappear
A boy smiles wondrously in the golden meadow
 A mother rejoices while the pain consciously disappears
Such becomes the natural way when lifestyles change
 And everything that tastes bad is taken away

On such a day begins the cleanse.  This week's newsletter had to be on no other topic but the truly right way to cleanse oneself.  Fasting.  There were no options for this week's topic.  I was given all the right signs.  At present I am reading the Miracle of Fasting by Paul Bragg.  At the age of 84 he expounded on his vitality, fitness, and his ability to outlast, out perform, out just about anything - any physical task against men 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years his junior.  Amazing.  There is hope.  There is glory.  There is power in who we are and who we want to be.  Once we begin to understand the miraculous complexity of the innate intelligence of our body all things become possible.

As I read, as I believe that the greatest discovery of modern times is, "the power of the modern man to rejuvenate himself physically, mentally, and spiritually with rational fasting." (Paul Braggs.) 

I was in awe of the wisdom of the authors that explain, that understand, that experience, and that have given fasts in thousands of cases.  Their wisdom leads to hope and belief that there is a better way.  This holds especially true in America today where suffering is almost the norm.  50% of Americans die of heart attacks, and 40% die of cancer.  These statistics are overwhelming.  65% have defective vision, 98.5% have bad teeth, 70% are constipated, and 90% have cardiovascular problems (over 90% of those past age 4).  These are not made up numbers.  These are the realities of today. But true salvation arises from the ashes.  T.C. Fry stated, "Almost every chronic condition in this country could be quickly remedied by the body while fasting."

Mental illness is among the diseases from which 20% of Americans suffer. Dr. Herbert Shelton states that if he were given charge of mental institutions he'd have them virtually empty within a month.  "The results of fasting programs conducted by the Moscow Psychiatric Institute and Dr. Allan Cott in this country had nearly 100% success rate."  The words speak for themselves.  In a country that demands results there is no better proof.

We are in a country where the average weight would be considered outlandish blubber in any other country except ours.  It's the weight of toxins, it's the weight of saturated fat, and it's the weight of water that our tissues hold on to.  It's the weight of a national outcry for help to do something, anything.  How about fasting?

As the sun rises, so the moon follows it path.  There is hope that speaks of truth, that speaks of cleansing, and that speaks of looking within, for answers have always been there.  We speak of fasting this week, which when one understands truth there is no other answer.  This week's topic comes on the heels of receiving three different journals, all espousing not just the joys but also the miraculous healing energy of a fast.

Fasting is not a panacea for healing all diseases but an opportunity for reviving oneself.  That the tiniest blade of grass has the instinctive qualities for cellular regeneration, so I write in humble rejuvenation.  As I write so I have seen what fasting can do for somebody.  I have seen from afar and have seen in glorious color what can be accomplished by a simple fast.

I speak to the wind.  I gather stars of shining light.  I honor the power of our body's innate intelligence, always striving for excellence.  It was on such a premise that we begin to write about fasting.  The words of Loren Lockman come gently flowing through me to you.

The body has the ability to heal itself without any intervention.  These are words that I hear over and over.  Those with whom I have spoken who have experienced fasting have experienced healing from fasting.  It is on this premise that I encouraged my wife to explore fasting when 3 years ago she had a mini-stroke and was diagnosed with fibroid tumors on her thyroid, her breasts, and her cervix area.  I urged her to take the option of empowerment, of self-love, and of rejoicing in our pain and in our ability to self-create what our bodies need for health and for self-protection.  We have to understand that these reactions (e.g., growths, tumors, fevers) that the body displays are signs of intelligence.  It is the intelligence that is absolutely necessary to protect our internal organs that are necessary for our continued existence.  It was a hard sell explaining this due process of body's intelligence, but in the end, after a series of miscommunications and delays by the medical field, she decided to go to a health education center that does fasting under the medical supervision of Anna-Inez.  That was 3 years ago.  After she stayed 3 weeks through a process of juice fasting, rest with no disturbances, plenty of sleep, and drinking only distilled water for 9 days, she not only completely recovered but also now takes ownership of her body's intelligence.

So I write about my experience, listen to those with experience in supervising fasts, and share the joy and happiness of accepting the body's intelligence, of doing whatever it task for our highest goal.

So we being and open the books.  We begin the research discovering the definition of a fast and how it works.  In technical terms fasting is, "The abstention from all nutrients.  This means consuming only water."  In my opinion the fast has to go much deeper than that.  Fasting is beyond two or three days without eating or drinking anything but distilled water.  It has to be supervised.  It has to be at a place that is experienced in giving fasts.  It's that simple.  Fasting means not only abstention from all foods, including juices, but also all extraneous stimuli including T.V., telephones, work, parents, children, and anything or anybody that would interfere with a total rest both mentally and physically.  We have to be with ourselves to learn from ourselves.  The body needs a complete rest so that it can devote its full powers on cleansing and restoring the body.  We as individuals, as a nation composed of people suffering for no reason have to understand the magnamity of our body's intelligence and its healing power from birth to death.

Given this understanding and given all the proper conditions, the body has the power to begin its miraculous recovery.  The next part I paraphrased from Loren Lockman's book, Handbook for Vibrant Health.  (It's very easy to read and understand.)  The first phase the body goes through after using all energy available from food in the digestive tract is to appropriate the glycogen stores in the liver.  This supply lasts no more than 12 hours.  As we read, as we see, the body makes absolutely no mistakes.  Never, not even one.  Everything is for a reason.  Everything is for our highest good.  We leap for joy.  We scream Hallelujah.  We thank whoever our universal supreme being is for the opportunity to be alive every precious day.

The fasting process continues.  "Once the liver stores are used up the body begins to consume muscle.  For the next 12-24 hours the body breaks down muscle tissue because the glycogen stored there is the next most readily available source."  This my friends is why I don't believe in self-fasting one day a week.  It's a strain on the system, and the true disposal of toxic waste cannot be accomplished because of the body's process to gradually work its way through the system in such a way as not to harm itself through the overload release of toxins.

The next step is ingenious.  It is the miracle of healing.  It is the gift of life.  Once the body has reached a certain percentage it stops in order to preserve muscle tissue.  "The body then moves to adipose tissue as a source of fuel.  This process is called protein sparing.  Until this point is reached we are not getting the full benefit of a water fast."

It is at this point where elimination begins.  It is this point that Paul Bragg reached so many times thus enabled him to live life to the fullest, dying at the age of 98 while body surfing.  Through not fault of his own he was struck by a motorboat.

So we review the facts and begin to discover why adipose tissue, why fasting.  The great benefit of this occurrence is that tissue holds the toxins within its walls.  The innate intelligence of the body will begin autolyzation (the breaking up of tumors, growths, fat, and anything that is unnecessary for our body's well-being) is performed by enzymes called lysosomes.

This is the same process that was used by my wife under a supervised program that caused her tumor to decrease by almost 70%.  This is the same tumor that could have caused my wife to have surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation to destroy these growths.  Which process do we choose?  My wife, 3 years later, still radiates.  I say that proudly, especially because of George Harrison's death.  He began treatment medically at the same time my wife did.  It is my utmost belief that if she had chosen the medical standards she would have died by this time, especially since the tumor growths were found in the lymph system.  So I write with relief.  I write with anger.  I write with a heavy heart.  For the truth is the truth.

The recent success of True North Health Center has documented.  They have produced research on high blood pressure by Dr. Goldhammer and scientifically showed the outcomes by world renowned nutritional biochemist T. Colin Campbell.  They found that fasting "lowered blood pressure dramatically and more effectively than any other known treatment."

To add more impressive information, this same center has just completed a second study demonstrating the effects of fasting on borderline hypertension.  Keep in mind the treatment is the body's intelligence and distilled water.  These are the tools of healing.  These are the words of Trudy Wheeler in Before and After, after an 8-day fast.  Her nasal drip completely stopped, aches in her back and neck disappeared, her abdomen decreased in size to almost flat, and her memory improved tremendously.  She was full of energy and pep.

These are the words of wisdom that anybody who understands the miracles of fasting can accomplish.  The True North Health Center is just publishing these results.  They understand the importance of healthful living and the role of fasting.  As the second study was finished a third study was beginning on the relationship between fasting and high blood pressure in diabetics.  In my opinion, the results will be the same: impressive and more effective than any other treatment.

You would think with these successes there would be joy and jubilation throughout the medical establishment, especially in California, where all these studies are being done.  You would think.  Unfortunately, "The California Medical Board has decided that recommending fasting is a violation of the standard medical practice, and they are bringing formal charges that could lead to criminal prosecution,"  (from an article in Health Science by Mark Epstein).

How ironic.  How self-righteous.  How afraid are the powers that be to stop the advancement of true healing to take place without drugs, without surgery, without chellation therapy, without radiation.  They should be rejoicing that such healing possibilities exist.  They should be thrilled that those patients who have been suffering from acute disease can have the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves.  In Marty Fry's article, "How I overcame infectious Hepatitis," he outlines how in a period of 13 days he completely recovered.  The first 5 days she completed rested.  The next 8 days she went to Dr. Shelton's Health Clinic and had a medically supervised fast.  Look at the time period in which she recovered.  It was days not years as for those now suffering with medication and strong side effects. All she used was distilled water, rest, sleep, and fresh air.  The results of her rejuvenation, my wife's rejuvenation, and the case studies at the True North Health Center are results with positive outcomes.

Actually, now that I think about it, there should be fear among the medical community, not joy.  For the underlying meaning is very clear.  They are practicing the wrong procedure.  They are violating our body's intelligence by advocating foreign chemicals as healing alternatives.  The very foundation of the medical community, the oath that every doctor has to take is the Hippocratic oath.  Their founder, their leader, their guideline for excellence, Hippocrates, presided over the Temple of Greece.  In those days their only treatment as supervised by Hippocrates was fasting.  "All that Hippocrates did was to conduct fasts, pray, and lay on hands.  He performed no other services."  What does all this mean?  Are we the sheep that are being led down the path?  Are the believers of results or the squashers of truth blinding us to true health?  As the unknowing gather force so does the knowing gain strength.  We as a people are in a circle of facts without truth.  We choose truth from which we were programmed.  We gain insight when the answers from without are answered from their innate knowing within.

As we present the benefits of fasting we also have to look at when it is contraindicated.  Although recommended for most, it is not recommended for all.  It is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.  For a pregnant woman, fasting affects fetal development, and a nursing mother's milk begins decreasing from day 1 of the fast.  It is also not recommended for children and infants since it would be very hard to monitor.  Their appetites depend on emotional upsurges.  For those with body imbalances such as liver tumors, irregular heartbeat, and diabetes, fasting is not recommended since they require great caution.  Their illnesses are deep-rooted within the confines of the body.  These groups represent the organs of detoxification, the organs of life, the organs that were just overwhelmed and required great caution to undo the damage that has been done.  As we continue reading cases where fasting may be considered contraindication we come upon those who fear fasting.  According to T.C. Fry, these people are generally put on a fruit juice diet with marked improvement.  Afterward they are more likely to go on a fast.  Last but not least fasting is not recommended for the emancipated.

As these warning are heeded, we at Arnold's Way are almost finished for the week.  As always, almost doesn't count.  I am missing one telephone interview.  The results of Dr. Alan Goldhammer, who has had incredible success using fasting as the only means of treatment at the True North Health Center, can only be considered mind boggling.  We at Arnold's Way salute you and your continuous endeavors for truth against all challenges. We at Arnold's Way salute Loren Lockman who writes with such eloquence, such simplicity, that I am able to understand the true dynamic of what does a fast do.  Most of all I wish to thank Anna-Inez who supervises a Health Education Center in upstate PA.  We talk, we listen, and we share.  She is a true natural hygienist who talks the talk and walks the walk.  I could not finish this week's newsletter without her input.  There are too many people who have visited her quaint retreat, going there with sorrow and coming home strong.  It's that pursuit of excellence that strives within our soul.  As I sit here writing, my wife lies upstairs sleeping.  A simple thought, a simple task.  She is on no medications as the doctors ordered for her tumors or for her mini-stroke.  She had no chemotherapy as might have happened had she not gone to Anna's and learned about the miracle of her body. 

So as we continue I stop short of listing Anna's success stories.  The Tim' s, the Irene's, the Judi's, the Denise's, and the countless others.  I salute all those who dared to have faith in themselves.  Anna-Inez stated, "We are created in such a way that we have everything within ourselves to sustain in excellence for the rest of our lives."  So I had no choice but to wait for that one last phone call.  To Anna-Inez we at Arnold's Way salute her.

To those who dare for a better self I yell, I scream three words: EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE.  Expand the unlimited potential of dinosaurs and baboons, crickets and butterflies to a life worth living for - not hoping for.

I thank you for your time

The Miracle of Fasting by Paul G. Braggs
A Handbook for Vibrant Living by Loren Lockman
Fasting For Renewal of Life by Herbert M. Shelton
Fasting Interviews:
 Anna-Inez, Director of Health Education Center
 Loren Lockman, Director of Tanglewood Wellness Center
 Dr. Allan Goldhammer, Director of True North Health Center
Article about fasting in Health Science Fall 2001 by Mark Epstein

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